Ten Step Approach to PLM

The "Ten Step Approach to PLM" Workshop is presented by John Stark, an authority on Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and an experienced PLM consultant. The Workshop helps participants understand the Ten Step Approach to PLM developed by John Stark Associates to help companies make faster progress with PLM.

The Ten Step Approach to PLM is applicable in companies of all sizes in almost any industry and can be beneficial at all stages of PLM investigation and use. It is as applicable during the initial introduction of PLM as when extending an existing PDM implementation.

The Ten Step Approach to PLM includes the following ten activities: 1. PLM Status Review, Data Gathering ; 2. Executive PLM Education and Awareness ; 3. Best Practice Positioning ; 4. PLM Concept Generation and Analysis ; 5. PLM Roadmap and Plan Generation ; 6. Business Benefits and Business Case Development ; 7. ROI Calculation ; 8. Management Report Preparation ; 9. Executive Presentation ; 10. Executive Decision Support

Experience shows that these ten steps help in understanding where PLM can be applied to a business most effectively. And they help to get that all-important executive approval for the PLM initiative to proceed. The Ten Step Approach is a tried-and-tested methodology that has been used in many companies, at different stages of PLM progress, in many industries. The ten steps make it clear to everyone involved what has to be done, with clear deliverables at each step to show what has been achieved.

Workshop Attendees

Participation at this Workshop will be beneficial to all those involved in the definition, planning, development and implementation of PLM, including: CXOs ; IS VPs, IS Directors ; PLM VPs, PLM Directors, PLM Managers, PLM Project Managers ; Engineering Systems Managers, PDM Managers, CAD/CAM/CAE Managers ; VPs, Directors and Managers from organisations across the product lifecycle.

Workshop Benefits

The Workshop enables participants to learn about the Ten Step Approach and understand how to:

- build a business case for PLM to gain management buy-in to proceed

- uncover hidden needs and opportunities for PLM beyond the obvious

- identify the best PLM approach in close alignment to business objectives

- gain clearer understanding of the ROI potential of PLM

- define and prioritise a clear PLM roadmap

- implement PLM most readily and cost effectively, preventing false starts and setbacks

- improve overall PLM success

Workshop Location

The Workshop is usually presented at the participants' site. This enables maximum involvement and reduces travel costs and time. The Workshop can also be presented over the Web.

Workshop Fee

The workshop fee is negotiated on an individual basis taking account of the location and the exact format and content. Half the fee is payable before the workshop, the balance is due within 30 days. Travel and accommodation costs are billed at cost. Alternatively, an all-inclusive fee can be quoted. E-mail John Stark Associates for more details and to reserve a date.