PLM Status Review 2023

For various reasons, companies sometimes need to clarify and document where they are with PLM. Sometimes this is to provide a sound basis for defining next steps. Sometimes it's because management wants to know if the promised benefits of the PLM Initiative are being achieved.

Companies may give different names to this activity. Some call it a PLM Status Review, some call it a PLM Audit. Others call it a PLM Performance Review, a PLM Progress Review or a Current Situation Review.

After carrying out such reviews for many companies from different industry sectors and at different stages of PLM implementation, JSA developed a standardised approach called PEREM (PLM Environment Review and Evaluation Methodology). This reviews 12 main areas of PLM - including products, processes, product data, PDM systems, PLM applications, people, methods, facilities and equipment, metrics and organisation. Within each of these main areas many smaller topics are reviewed. A standardised approach makes it quicker to carry out the review and produce a management report.

PEREM can be customised, for example, for reviews in which a company wants to look at fewer areas or to address additional topics.

The Review in Practice

A PLM Status Review is usually carried out on-site. It can also be carried out by phone or by Web but, in our experience, an on-site review is more thorough and leads to more accurate results.

The time required for the review depends on the size of the company. For a medium-sized company, the target duration for the review is about 3 days. For a large company it's about 5 days.

The PLM Status Review is application vendor-independent. It's been carried out in companies using applications from vendors such as Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, Oracle, PTC, SAP, Siemens PLM Software and Softech.

PLM Status Reviewers are experienced PLM professionals with more than 20 years' experience of defining and implementing PLM strategies and components in companies of various sizes from many industry sectors.

Benefits of a PLM Status Review

- uses a tried-and-tested, structured approach

- provides a clear description of the current position of PLM in the company

- is a great starting point for identifying next steps in the PLM Initiative

- highlights the areas in the company where PLM is least advanced - and most advanced

- helps get visibility and consensus in the company about the real state of PLM

- provides quantified information for reports to business and corporate management

- gives a neutral view free from departmental and vendor bias

- supports development and extension of PLM strategies and plans

More Information

For more information about a PLM Status Review, contact John Stark Associates.