Principles of Good Product Development

Coherent vision, strategy, plan and metrics

An Engineering vision is a high-level conceptual picture of the way the Engineering function should look some time in the future if it is to be able to perform successfully and continue to perform successfully. The reason for having, and sharing this vision, is to make it easier to achieve the Engineering objectives. The vision will guide people through strategy setting and planning, and help them with their everyday work

The Enginering objectives should be quantitative and the units of measure in which they are expressed should become key metrics for the Engineering organization. The Engineering vision describes the overall desired state in mainly qualitative terms, and it helps achieve the Engineering objectives - which are probably set at the corporate or top management level. Once the objectives and the vision have been agreed, the next step will be to select a suitable strategy to achieve them. Once the strategy has been defined, it will be possible to start planning the detailed activities and resources needed to meet the objectives and vision.

There will be a close link between Engineering objectives, Engineering vision, Engineering strategy, Engineering plan, implementation of the plan, and Engineering metrics.

Much in the same way that implementation of unconnected computer systems will lead to Islands of Automation, and a failure to achieve the expected productivity gains, the introduction of unconnected vision, strategy and metrics will also fail to give the desired results.

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