Making Progress With PLM

A Manual to support PLM Initiatives and PLM Projects

The Making Progress With PLM Manual helps companies launch PLM Initiatives, develop PLM visions and strategies, and implement PLM plans. It supports PLM VPs, PLM Project Leaders, PDM Managers, IS Managers, CAD Managers and others faced with the many questions, problems, challenges and opportunities of PLM - and looking for the best way forward.

Making Progress With PLM provides a generic, customizable PLM Vision, answers frequently-asked questions about PLM, and identifies typical activities in a PLM Initiative. It was developed with input from more than 100 PLM professionals, and is based on a thorough understanding of the current situation in manufacturing companies and recent trends in PLM development and use.

The Manual is available as a 101-page Word file, a 204-slide PowerPoint file, and telephone support. It's full of knowledge, experience and advice that will help project teams make fast progress with PLM, and enable them to avoid wasting time and effort looking for, or reinventing, information that is already available. Delivery of the two files (.doc and .ppt) is electronic, making for easy cut-and-paste into reports and easy inclusion in management presentations. Read the Table of Contents here (pdf).

Chapter 1 describes the typical PLM situation in a manufacturing company.

Chapter 2 answers 100 questions about PLM and a PLM project such as: What is PLM? ; Why is PLM so important? ; What are the functions and features of PLM applications? ; What are the metrics and targets of PLM success? Read the full list of questions here (pdf).

Chapter 3 presents a "Vision of PLM in a Manufacturing Company in 2010". This Big Picture helps explain what PLM, the business activity of managing products across their lifecycles, from cradle to grave, will look like in the future. The Vision will help everyone, including business executives, understand and prepare for PLM.

Chapter 4 introduces a PLM Capability and Maturity Model (PLM-CMM).

Chapter 5, "Launching a PLM Initiative", shows how to identify and understand what should be done to achieve the Vision.

The PowerPoint slides can be used in presentations to explain PLM and get agreement to move forward and, for example, develop a PLM Strategy or launch a PLM Initiative.

Purchasers of the Manual receive complimentary copies of updates during the year of purchase, and one hour of phone consultation support.

The current version of the Manual was released in December 2005.

Benefits of using the Manual
  • get a coherent business-oriented framework for introduction and use of PLM. Cut and paste material for your reports. Avoid wasting time and money re-developing existing information
  • get answers to typical questions asked in PLM projects
  • get a customizable PLM presentation to present to business executives
  • get a broad understanding of the main issues of PLM
  • identify specific next steps towards PLM implementation
  • benefit from a bias-free Vision of PLM
Typical Readers
  • PLM VPs, PLM Directors, PLM Managers, PLM Project Managers
  • Engineering Information Systems Managers, CAD Managers, PDM Managers
  • Product Managers, Project Managers, Process Managers, Product Development Managers, Engineering Managers
  • IS Managers, Engineering Change Management Managers
  • Managers of Business Improvement Projects
About the Author
John Stark is an independent management and technology consultant. Prior to launching John Stark Associates in 1991 he worked with developers and providers of systems and consulting services for product development, engineering management, CAD, PDM, process definition and process control. In his long consulting career he has worked with many companies including ABB, BMW, Braun, Coca-Cola, Eaton, Ford Motor Company, HP, IBM, Kodak, Legrand, Nestle, PSA, Renault, Saab, Schindler, Sikorsky, Valeo and Xerox.

Stark publishes 2PLM, the leading PLM ezine. He is the author of many books and articles in the fields of PLM, PDM, CAD, and IS in Manufacturing. These include:

- Product Lifecycle Management : Paradigm for 21st century Product Realisation
- Engineering Information Management Systems: Beyond CAD/CAM to Concurrent Engineering Support
- Competitive Manufacturing Through Information Technology: The Executive Challenge
- Managing CAD/CAM: Implementation, Organization, and Integration

His publications have been translated into several languages including French, German, Italian and Japanese.

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