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Product Lifecycle Management: Paradigm for 21st century Product Realisation
John Stark, September 2004
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), a new paradigm for product manufacturing, enables a company to manage its products all the way across their lifecycles in the most effective way. It helps companies get products to market faster, provide better support for their use, and manage end-of-life better. In today's highly competitive global markets, companies must meet the increasing demands of customers to rapidly and continually improve their products and services. PLM meets these needs, extending and bringing together previously separate fields such as Computer Aided Design, Product Data Management, Sustainable Development, Enterprise Resource Planning, Life Cycle Analysis and Recycling. Product Lifecycle Management: 21st century Paradigm for Product Realisation explains the importance of PLM, from both the business and technical viewpoints, supported by examples showing how world-class engineering and manufacturing companies are implementing PLM successfully. The book: - introduces PLM, a unique holistic view of product development, support, use and disposal for industry worldwide, based on experience with internationally renowned companies; - shows you how to take full advantage of PLM, how to prepare people to work in the PLM environment, how to choose the best solution for your situation; - provides deep understanding, nurturing the skills you will need to successfully implement PLM and achieve world-class product development and support performance; and - gives access to a companion www site containing further material.
Product Lifecycle Management: Paradigm for 21st century Product Realisation
John Stark 2004

Engineering Information Management Systems: Beyond CAD/CAM to Concurrent Engineering Support
John Stark 1992

Competing by Design: Creating Value and Market Advantage in New Product Development
Craig Erhorn, John Stark 1995

Competitive Manufacturing Through Information Technology: The Executive Challenge
John Stark 1990

Integrated Manufacturing: Strategy, Planning, and Implementation
John Stark, Eric Gerelle 1988

Managing CAD/CAM: Implementation, Organization, and Integration
John Stark 1988

Strategic Planning for Positive CAD/CAM Results
John Stark 1987

What Every Engineer Should Know about Practical CAD/CAM Applications
John Stark 1986

Handbook of Manufacturing Automation and Integration. 1992-1993 Yearbook.
John Stark

Handbook of Manufacturing Automation and Integration. 1990-1991 Yearbook.
John Stark

Handbook of Manufacturing Automation and Integration. 1989.
John Stark

Next Generation Product Development : How to Increase Productivity, Cut Costs, and Reduce Cycle Times
Michael McGrath

Setting the PACE in Product Development, A Guide to Product and Cycle-time Excellence
Michael E. McGrath

The Innovator's Dilemma
Clayton M. Christensen

Developing Products in Half the Time: New Rules, New Tools
Preston G. Smith, Donald G. Reinertsen

Product Development Process and Project Risk Management Publications listed on the New Product Dynamics site

Managing the Design Factory: The Product Developer's Toolkit
Donald Reinertsen

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