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Project Management

Visualizing Project Management : A Model for Business and Technical Success
Kevin Forsberg / Published 2000

How to Run Successful Projects in Web Time
Fergus O'Connell / Published 2000

The Project Manager's MBA: How to Translate Project Decisions into Business Success
Dennis Cohen / Published 2000

90 Days to Launch : Internet Projects on Time and on Budget
Shayne Gilbert / Published 2000

The New Why Teams Don't Work : What Goes Wrong and How to Make It Right
Harvey Robbins / Published 2000

Using Microsoft Project 2000
Tim Pyron / Published 2000

Project Management for Engineers and Construction
Garold Oberlender / Published 2000

Successful Project Management: A Practical Guide for Managers
Jack Gido / Published 2000

Applied Project Management : Best Practices on Implementation
Harold Kerzner / Published 2000

Managing Complexity in Organizations : A View in Many Directions
Michael Lissack(Editor), Hugh Gunz (Editor) / Published 2000

Project Management with SAP R/3
Erich Draeger / Published 2000

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