Next Steps in PLM

In our experience, most companies run their PLM Initiatives in phases. A few months before they get to the end of a phase, they start a planning activity for the next phase. Its aim is to detail the steps of the phase, and get agreement about its objectives and contents.

In our experience, this planning activity often takes much longer than expected. It highlights new opportunities that should be considered, gets new objectives from management, receives improvement activities from system users, and includes ongoing tasks started in previous phases.

The planning activity overruns, things get forgotten, decisions are rushed, and the resulting plan is in trouble even before it starts.

Sometimes we then get called in to help. Based on our experience, we've developed our Planning PLM Next Steps service to help companies with this activity.

Planning PLM Next Steps in Practice

We usually provide this service on-site.

The amount of our involvement depends on parameters such as the size of the phase, the size of the PLM Initiative and the size of the company. Typically it ranges from a few days to a few weeks.

Our consultants are experienced PLM professionals with extensive experience of defining and implementing PLM plans in companies of various sizes from many industry sectors.

Benefits of Planning PLM Next Steps

- develop a plan for the next PLM Initiative phase that meets business requirements

- take a structured approach to getting input for the plan

- test out planned PLM activities with an independent expert

- get a coherent business-oriented framework for the next phases of the Initiative

- create a report justifying planning decisions

- benefit from an independent view of PLM that is free from vendor bias

More Information

For more information about Planning PLM Next Steps, contact John Stark Associates.