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ArborText, Inc. (Ann Arbor, MI) develops publishing software being used in the Navy's ADMAPS project and on the JCALS project. (For more information, telephone +1 313 996 3566).

Carberry Technology (Lowell, MA) announced CADleaf Plus 3.0, a translation, viewing and printing tool for concurrent engineering. (+1 508 970 5358).

Cimage Corp. (Ann Arbor, MI) announced a multi-media option for its Cimage Document Management System. Two types of photographic image input are provided for - a digital still camera, and a still video camera. (+1 313 761 6550).

Computervision (Bedford, MA) has announced the sale of EDM systems, valued at $1.1 million, to AMP, Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of electrical and electronic connection devices. (+1 617 275 1800).

Control Data Systems (Arden Hills, MN), developer of EDL, and SDRC (Milford, OH), developer of DMCS, announced the establishment of a joint venture company - Metaphase Technology, Inc.- intended to become a dominant international supplier of EDM software solutions.

Datalogics, Inc. (Chicago, IL) developer and integrator of software products for total publishing solutions, recently designed and built an automated system for managing United Airlines' Minimum Equipment List documents. The system employs a SGML database approach on DEC RdB, and incorporates a Macintosh front end. (+1 312 266 4444).

FORMTEK, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) announced wireless image distribution to field sites. Mobile access to electronic vaults and repositories is supported through use of two-way microwave links, or through a cellular telephone connected to a laptop computer. (+1 412 937 4900).

Information Dimensions, Inc. (Dublin, OH) will supply BASISplus as the SGML document database system for the JCALS contract. (+1 614 761 8083).

Novacad, Inc. (Burlington, MA), provides computerized imaging and document management systems for large scale technical documents. Users include organizations such as Northrop, Bechtel, GTE, and the DoD. (+1 617 221 0300).

Odesta Systems Corp. (Northbrook, IL) announced the shipment of Open ODMS (Odesta Document Management Systems), a multi-platform client-server workflow and document management system. (+1 708 498 5615).

Palette Systems, Inc.'s (Nashua, NH) Electronic Batch Record System (EBRS) users include Johnson & Johnson, Barr Labs, and Lockheed Aeronautical. (+1 603 886 1230).

Sherpa Corp (San Jose, CA) installed a PIM solution at Siemens Defense Electronics Group, Unterschleissheim, Germany, and also opened an office in Munich, Germany. (+1 408 433 0455).

Wizdom Systems, Inc. (Naperville, IL) has introduced a Microsoft Windows version of its process modelling software IDEFine-0. (+1 708 357 3000).


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