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MARCH 1997

Computervision Corporation (Bedford, MA) reported total revenues from continuing operations of $80.7 million for Q4 1996 as compared to $79.5 million in Q4 1995. Total software company revenue for 1996 was $302.8 million vs. $286.6 million in 1995. (+1 617/275-1800)

FileNet Corporation (Costa Mesa, CA) announced that it expects its fourth quarter revenue for 1996 will approximate $73 million compared to $67.7 million for Q4 1995. Revenue for the full year of 1996 will approximate $269 million compared to $229 million in 1995. (+1 714/966-3400)

SDRC (Milford, OH) reported revenues of $81.8 million for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 1996, a 19% increase over Q4 1995, and revenues totaling $285.3 million for the year ended December 31, 1996, a 27% increase over 1995. Operating income for the year totaled $40.5 million, up 70% over 1995. Revenue from PDM sales and services was 53% higher than in 1995. (+1 513/576-2400)

Aspect Development, Inc. (Mountain View, CA) announced that net revenues for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 1996 were $7,425,000, an increase of 72 % over revenues of $4,320,000 for Q4 1995. Revenues for the year ended December 31, 1996 were $24,235,000 compared to revenues of $13,693,000 for the year ended December 31, 1995, representing a 77 % increase. (+1 415/428-2700)

Documentum Inc. (Pleasanton, CA) announced that revenues for Q4 1996 were $14.4 million, a 77 % increase over revenues of $8.1 million for the same period of 1995. For the year-ended Dec. 31, 1996, revenues were $45.3 million, a 78 % increase over revenues of $25.5 million for the same period of 1995. (+1 510/463-6800)

Market analysis
In a survey carried out by CIMdata, users ranked CoCreate's WorkManager higher than they did all other products combined in seven out of nine categories related to customer satisfaction. The survey was of a total of 15 products. WorkManager was rated higher than the other 14 products combined in terms of overall opinion, ease-of-use, user interface, system performance, reliability, maintainability and documentation. (+ 49 7031/951-231)

Documentum Inc., (Pleasanton, CA) announced the appointment of Mark Garrett, 39, as vice president and chief financial officer.

IDA, Inc. (Westchester, IL) announced the appointment of Mark Tocco, who formerly directed the Concurrent Engineering Technologies Section at the Ford Motor Company, as Executive Vice President. (+1 708/344-1815)

Rosetta Technologies, Inc. (Beaverton, OR) announced the appointment of Mark W. Garrison as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Company. (+1 503/690-2500)

Auto-trol Technology Corporation (Boulder, CO) announced the availability of CENTRA 2000 OLE Automation Server to customize CENTRA 2000. The CENTRA 2000 OLE Automation Server provides an API that exposes CENTRA 2000 objects for use by other applications that also take advantage of the capabilities of OLE2, such as Microsoft Visual Basic Professional, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and other third party development tools. CENTRA 2000 read-only operations, as well as checkin and checkout (where appropriate) are available for User, Branch, Item, and Class objects. As a result a user can develop a custom interface from any OLE2 compliant application into CENTRA 2000, giving access to CENTRA 2000 metadata and documents from the application program. (+ 1 303/452-4919)

Sherpa Corp. (Milpitas, CA) announced it earned corporate-wide ISO 9001 certification by auditors from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Ltd. for its business practices and procedures in developing and delivering software. (+1 408/941-4600)

FileNet Corp. (Costa Mesa, CA) announced Saros Discovery Suite, a client/server solution that integrates Saros Document Manager, FileNet Ensemble and Watermark Client to provide electronic document management, workflow, and document-imaging capabilities. The Saros Discovery Suite is priced at $495 per seat in the 100-user pack. Packs are available in units of ten, twenty-five, fifty, one hundred and higher quantities. (+ 1 714/966-3400)

NovaSoft Systems, Inc., (Burlington, MA) announced that users of its NovaManage document and workflow management software can now easily merge, print and publish compound documents of up to 32,000 pages (the size of an Adobe Acrobat file) saving thousands of hours over partially automated solutions. This solution will be offered by NovaSoft in close collaboration with Computerised Document Control Ltd. (CDC), developers of PDFfusion, an innovative solution for publishing large, complex documents. (+1 617/221-0300)

Spicer Corporation (Kitchener, ON) announced the latest release of the Macintosh-based version of Imagenation, its view, edit and markup imaging software. Release 4.11 for Macintosh offers improved format support for AutoCAD Release 13, ME10, RTF, ASCII and WordPerfect files. Major improvements to foreign languages that read top to bottom, such as Chinese and Japanese, have been achieved with the addition of vertical text string support. Imagenation list prices start at $395 for Windows, Macintosh and UNIX versions. (+1 519/748-2462)

Informative Graphics Corp. (Phoenix, AZ) announced Myriad 3.1 for the DEC Alpha. Myriad for DEC Alpha is priced at $595. (+1 602/971-6071)

EDS Unigraphics (St. Louis, MO) announced that ETHZ (Zürich, Switzerland) has selected Unigraphics and IMAN as its new systems for machinery and design methodology. (+1 314/344-8244)

Sherpa Corp. (Milpitas, CA) announced it will provide SFIM Industries (Société de Fabrication d'Instruments de Mesures) with PDM software and services. SFIM specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced technology and high precision systems (optronics, avionics, measurement and telecommunications) for the aeronautics, space, defense and transportation markets. Sherpa will be integrated with SAP, Preview from Rosetta Technologies, and Cascade development management software from Oresys-Lysys.

Sherpa also announced LFK-Lenkflugkorpersysteme GmbH (Munich, Germany) will use its PDM software for the management of all technical product information for manufacturing guided missile and control systems. LFK will also use the system to structure and implement associated activities such as release and alteration processes. About 800 users will electronically access product information through the PDM system. Interfaces to SAP, Catia, Mentor and MS Office will address data exchange between the PDM software and third party applications. The order is valued at about $1.3 million. (+1 408/941-4600)

Adra Systems, Inc., (Chelmsford, MA) announced that Acorn Computer Group plc (Cambridge, England) has selected Matrix to manage its product development data. (+1 508/937-3700)

Altris Software, Inc. (San Diego, CA) announced that Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd. (FWEL) has purchased an additional 80 concurrent licenses to expand its existing enterprise document management system. FWEL is the UK based subsidiary of Foster Wheeler Corp. (Clinton, NJ). (+1 619/625-3000)

Access Corp. (Cincinnati, OH) announced a sale of Cimage document software and supporting services to Marathon Oil Company. Marathon intends to use this system in support of its 30%-owned subsidiary, Sakhalin Energy Management Co. Ltd., to manage and coordinate distributed engineering documentation for a large-scale oil drilling and production platform to be located in Russian waters off Sakhalin Island, north of Japan. (+1 714/753-0272)

Aspect Development, Inc., (Mountain View, CA) announced that Telrad, the leading supplier of telecommunications equipment in Israel, will implement Aspect Explore.

Aspect also announced that Matra Marconi Space, a leading satellite manufacturer and a joint venture of Matra Group, France and GEC Marconi, England, will implement Aspect's Explore-Enterprise and VIP Reference Database. (+1 415/428-2700)

SDRC (Milford, OH) announced that about 500 registered Metaphase users were brought online at Ford Motor Company in 1996. (+1 513/576-2400)

CADIS Inc. (Boulder, CO) announced that 13 of the world's largest manufacturing companies, including Case Corporation (Racine, WI), Cooper Energy Services (Mt. Vernon, OH), Emerson Electric (St. Louis, MO), GE Plastics (Pittsfield, MA), GE Wiring (Warwick, RI), Hewlett-Packard (Mountain View, CA), Ingersoll-Rand (Woodcliff Lake, NJ), McDonnell Douglas Corporation (St. Louis, MO), Northern Telecom (Ontario, Canada), PRI Automation (Boston, MA), Polaroid Corporation (Cambridge, MA), Storage Technology Corporation (Louisville, CO), and Sunbeam Corporation (Fort Lauderdale, FL) selected CADIS-PMX as their component and supplier management solution in 1996. (+1 303/546-5227)

Interleaf (Waltham, MA) announced a contract totaling $3.5 million with Alcatel, a leading telecommunication systems provider. The sale includes Interleaf's line of document authoring, production, distribution and management software. Alcatel uses Interleaf software for technical documentation that supports product design and manufacturing processes. (+1 617/290-0710)

FORMTEK, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA) was selected by Volvo Truck Corporation to provide information management systems for its global information technology infrastructure. The contract is valued at just under $5 million. Initial production has started, with full deployment to more than 6,000 users planned within three years. The systems will use FORMTEK:Orion to help Volvo Truck streamline business processes throughout the product life cycle. The first applications to be implemented are RAPID, a global drawing archive, and DOCS, an application supporting the product modification request process within Volvo Truck. In addition, a number of existing Volvo Truck software systems will be integrated into the FORMTEK environment, with enterprise access to be provided through both internet clients and Volvo's existing electronic mail system. The integrated system will enable users to search, view, and access information stored in the FORMTEK:Orion repository from their desktops at various Volvo sites throughout the world. (+1 412/937-4948)

Cyco Software (Rijswijk, Netherlands) announced that Houston Lighting & Power Company selected AutoManager WorkFlow. The document management application involves managing over 50,000 drawings within four disciplines, in 49 power generation units located on 10 different sites. Revision Control features such as the Versioning System, Redline and Compare Tools ensure that CAD users work with the correct drawings. Currently, the software is being customized to create a task management system with Visual Basic. The project involves all four disciplines including Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Control, and Civil, and will produce the Scope Statement Document. (+31 70/395-4179)

IDA, Inc. (Westchester, IL) announced that ProSTEP, GmbH of Darmstadt, Germany has purchased a significant equity interest in IDA. Formerly known as IGES Data Analysis, the new partnership, renamed InterData Access, will strengthen its current product offerings with advanced data exchange technology and expertise from ProSTEP. (+1 708/344-1815)

GRAL Inc. purchased Allegria Software, Inc. (Laguna Hills, CA), developer of view and mark-up products. GRAL Inc. is the development arm of GTS-GRAL AG, a supplier of graphics conversion and plotting software. As part of the acquisition GRAL Inc. obtained all rights to Allegria's ForReview family product line. (+1 714/462-7115)

CADIS Inc. (Boulder, CO) announced an integration agreement with Mentor Graphics Corporation. Together, Mentor Consulting and CADIS are engineering a product interface linking the CADIS-PMX component and supplier management solution to Mentor Graphics' EDA tools. (+1 303/546-5227)

Workgroup Technology Corp. (Lexington, MA) announced that EdgeMark Systems, an authorized VAR will resell WTC's CMS PDM solution on the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule. (+1 617/674-2000)

Rosetta Technologies (Beaverton, OR) announced the opening of its Paris, France office to extend sales and sales support to customers in the region and assist Rosetta's PDM solution partners. Rosetta's European client base includes Renault, ABB, Daimler Benz Aerospace, Danfoss, Ericsson, Kongsberg, Philips, Siemens and Thomson. (+ 33 1/47731560)


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