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FORMTEK, Inc. (Pittsburgh, PA) announced it has signed a Volume Purchase agreement with Textron, providing Textron with volume discounts for the purchase of FORMTEK's Enterprise-wide Information Management solutions. Cessna Aircraft Company, a subsidiary of Textron which produces business aircraft such as the Citation Jet, recently purchased a FORMTEK solution providing shop-floor personnel with rapid access to engineering drawings, change notices, parts lists and related information. (For more information: +1 412/937-4924)

Metaphase Technology, Inc. (Arden Hills, MN) announced enhanced application interfaces between Metaphase 1.0 PDM software and two CADCAM applications: AutoCAD and Pro/ENGINEER. Metaphase also announced an enhanced interface between Metaphase 1.0 and the Mentor Graphics Falcon Framework. The Metaphase 1.0 interface to Pro/ENGINEER Version 12 captures and manages application-generated files and associations automatically at the time an action is taken. Subsequent design sessions are launched by executing a search and dragging the resulting icon for a Pro/ENGINEER assembly or part over the application icon in the Metaphase GUI. The Metaphase 1.0 interface to AutoCAD uses the same approach. The interface between Metaphase 1.0 and Mentor's Falcon Framework adds PDM tools from Metaphase 1.0 to Mentor's Design Manager. These tools employ the Mentor Common User Interface and add the ability to automatically register design file relationships, extract and transmit information to the enterprise Bill of Material, and review and release using Metaphase capabilities. (+1 612/482-4313)

Sherpa Corporation (San Jose, CA) announced its new Sherpa/Link application programming interface (API) which is designed to ease integration between Sherpa, the company's PIM tool, and third party applications. Sherpa/Link offers developers a standard building block for creating custom and productized interfaces to a wide range of design automation and other tools. Sherpa Corporation also announced a partnership with Toyo Information Systems (a member of the Sanwa Bank Group) to establish a distribution operation in Japan. The $600 million company will distribute Sherpa Corporation's full line of software products in Japan and provide pre-sales support staff, localized product documentation, and project services. Sherpa Corporation will provide post-sales technical and implementation support. (+1 408/433-0455)

The US Defense CALS Executive announced in August that it will now define the acronym CALS as Continuous Acquisition and Life-cycle Support (until recently it was defined as Computer-aided Acquisition and Logistic Support. Previously it had been defined as Computer-Aided Logistics Support). In September a statement clarifying this change was jointly prepared by the US CALS/CE Industry Steering Group, the Department of Commerce and the Department of Defense.

In September, the first intersystem data exchange using STEP (ISO 10303) DIS AP 203 took place. Specifications for a connecting rod were successfully transferred from Ford (Dearborn, MI) to the Department of the Environment's AlliedSignal plant in Kansas City.

Objectivity Inc. (Menlo Park, CA) has shipped over 50,000 development and runtime licences for its Objectivity/DB object database management system. (+1 415/688-8000)

Object Design, Inc. (Burlington, MA) and Spatial Technology Inc. (Boulder, CO) have jointly demonstrated the object-oriented modeling power of Spatial's ACIS geometric modeler with Object Design's ObjectStore object-oriented database management system. (+1 303/449-0649)


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