PDM and Change Management


Survival rules

Although the future of PDM is getting brighter, PDM projects continue to take a heavy toll of their managers. Against this background, here are some survival rules.

Be proactive. Sometimes you may be wrong, but on average you'll score 7 successes out of 10 attempts. If you're not proactive you'll score 0 successes out of 10 attempts.

Develop a good vision of where the project might lead in a few years - it will help you over the rough road ahead.

Decide what you believe and then go for it. Don't waste your time hesitating and shilly-shallying.

Focus on activities linked to business objectives. If you succeed you will be rewarded. If you fail at least you should have learned something that will be useful in your next job.

Aim for performance improvement. Remember that many PDM projects turn into system selection projects, but few lead to the kind of tangible improvements business managers want.

Don't waste your time criticizing the people around you. It doesn't add value.

Don't work on the same subjects as people 10 years younger than you - most times they do it cheaper and better.

Be an information creator and transmitter not an information receiver and retransmitter.

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