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Books about innovation published in 1997

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The Innovation Challenge
D. E. Hussey(Editor) / Published 1997

Innovation Management : Strategies, Implementation, and Profits
Allan Afuah / Published 1997

Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy : The Ken Awakening (Business Briefcase Series)
Debra M. Amidon / Published 1997

Relentless Growth : How Silicon Valley Innovative Strategies Can Work in Your Business
Christopher Meyer / Published 1997

Seeing Differently : Insights on Innovation (Harvard Business Review Book Series)
John Seely Brown(Editor) / Published 1997

The Winning Manager : Leadership Skills for Greater Innovation, Quality, and Employee Commitment
Julius E. Eitington / Published 1997

Winning Through Innovation : A Practical Guide to Leading Organizational Change and Renewal
Michael L. Tushman, et al / Published 1997

The 7 Levels of Change : The Guide to Innovation in the Worlds Largest Corporations
Rolf Smith / Published 1997

Action Plan : An Enhanced Building Technology Evaluation Process : The Partnership for Building Innovation
Paperback / Published 1997

Cooperation in Research and Development (Economics of Science, Technology, and Innovation, V. 11)
Nicholas S. Vonortas / Published 1997

The Economics of Industrial Innovation
Christopher Freeman, et al / Published 1997

Excellence in Practice : Innovation and Excellence in Workflow and Imaging
Layna Fischer, Connie Moore (Introduction) / Published 1997

The Human Side of Managing Technological Innovation : A Collection of Readings
Ralph Katz(Editor) / Published 1997

Imitation to Innovation : The Dynamics of Koreas Technological Learning (Management of Innovation and Change Series)
Linsu Kim / Published 1997

Innovation, Welfare and Industrial Structure : An Evolutionary Analysis
Timothy M. Wakeley / Published 1997

Innovation management tools: A review of selected methodologies
David Brown / Published 1997

Product and Process Innovation in the Food Industry
Bruce Traill(Editor), et al / Published 1997

SBIR : A Small Business Innovation Research Program Development Blueprint
James R. Atchison / Published 1997

The Science of Innovation: A Managerial Overview of the TRIZ Methodology
Victor R. Fey, Eugene I. Rivin / Published 1997

Surviving Technological Innovation in the Pacemaker Industry, 1959-1990 (Garland Studies on Industrial Productivity)
Catherine M. Banbury / Published 1997

Systems of Innovation : Technologies, Institutions and Organizations (Science, Technology and the International Political Economy Series)
Charles Edquist(Editor) / Published 1997

The Telegraph : How Technology Innovation Caused Social Change (Garland Studies on Industrial Productivity)
Annteresa Lubrano / Published 1997

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