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Books about innovation published in 1999

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Art and Innovation: The Xerox PARC Artist-In-Residence Program
Craig Harris(Preface), John Seely Brown (Introduction) / Published 1999

Best Practice : Process Innovation Management
Mohamed Zairi(Editor) / Published 1999

The Creative Priority : Putting Innovation to Work in Your Business
Jerry Hirshberg / Published 1999

Creative Technological Change : The Shaping of Technology and Organisations (Management of Technology and Innovation)
Ian McLoughlin / Published 1999

Creativity and Innovation for Managers
Brian Clegg / Published 1999

Cultivating Grass-Roots for Regional Development in a Globalising Economy : Innovation and Entreprenaurship in Organised Markets
James Cecora / Published 1999

The Defense Industry in the Post-Cold War Era : Corporate Strategies and Public Policy Perspectives
Gerald I. Susman(Editor), Sean OKeefe (Editor) / Published 1999

The Dynamics of Innovation : Strategic and Managerial Implications
Klaus Brockhoff(Editor), et al / Published 1999

Implementing Change With Clinical Audit
Richard Baker(Editor), et al / Published 1999

The Innovation Algorithm: TRIZ, Systematic Innovation and Technical Creativity
Genrich Altshuller / Published 1999

Innovation in Marketing (Cim Professional Development Series)
Susan Bridgewater(Editor), Peter Doyle (Editor) / Published 1999

The Innovation Journey
Andrew H. Van De Ven(Editor), et al / Published 1999

Innovation Policy in a Global Economy
Daniele Archibugi(Editor), et al / Published 1999

The Innovation Premium
Ronald S. Jonash, Tom Sommerlatte / Published 1999

Innovation Systems in a Global Context : The North American Experience
Robert Anderson(Editor), et al / Published 1999

Innovation, Industry Evolution, and Employment
David B. Audretsch(Editor), et al / Published 1999

Intrapreneuring in Action : A Handbook for Business Innovation
Gifford Pinchot, Ron Pellman / Published 1999

Investing in Innovation : Creating a Research and Innovation Policy That Works
Lewis M. Branscomb(Editor), James H. Keller (Editor) / Published 1999

Knowledge and Investment : The Sources of Innovation in Industry (New Horizons in the Economics of Innovation Series)
Rinaldo Evangelista / Published 1999

Leading Product Innovation : Accelerating Growth in a Product-Based Business
Marvin L. Patterson, John A. Fenoglio / Published 1999

Learning and Innovation in Economic Development
Linsu Kim / Published 1999

Looking Beyond Credit : Business Development Services and the Promotion of Innovation Among Small Producers: Working Papers (It Working Papers)
Jonathan Dawson, Andy Jeans / Published 1999

Managing Continual Innovation
Michel Syrett, Jean Lammiman / Published 1999

Managing New Product Innovation
Bob Jerrard(Editor), et al / Published 1999

Managing the People Side of Innovation : 8 Rules for Engaging Minds and Hearts
A. J. Chopra / Published 1999

New Perspectives on Economic Growth and Technological Innovation
F. M. Scherer / Published 1999

Open Boundaries : Creating Business Innovation Through Complexity
Howard J. Sherman, Ron Schultz / Published 1999

Organizational Innovation (History of Management Thought)
Jerald Hage(Editor) / Published 1999

Owning the Future
Seth Shulman / Published 1999

Positive Turbulence : Developing Climates for Creativity, Innovation, and Renewal (Jossey-Bass Business and Management Series)
Stanley S. Gryskiewicz / Published 1999

Productivity in Natural Resource Industries : Improvement Through Innovation (Resources for the Future)
R. David Simpson(Editor) / Published 1999

Renaissance Management : The Rebirth of Energy and Innovation in People and Organizations
Stephen Carter, Steve Carter / Published 1999

Technology, Management and Systems of Innovation
Keith Pavitt / Published 1999

The Theory of Innovation : Entrepreneurs, Technology and Strategy (New Horizons in the Economics of Innovation)
Jon Sundbo / Published 1999

Valuing Technology : Organizations, Culture and Change (The Management of Technology and Innovation)
David Skinner, et al / Published 1999

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