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Books about innovation published in 2000

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The 3M Way to Innovation : Balancing People and Profit
Ernest Gundling / Published 2000

The Economics of Science and Innovation
Paula E. Stephan(Editor), David B. Audretsch (Editor) / Published 2000

Paths of Innovation : Technological Change in 20th-Century America
David C. Mowery / Published 2000

Canadas National System of Innovation
Jorge Niosi, et al / Published 2000

Cases in Corporate Innovation
Hardcover / Published 2000

Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy: Opportunities and Challenges for the Knowledge Economy.
Pedro Conceicao (Editor) / Published 2000

Competitive Innovation Management : Techniques to Improve Innovation Performance
James A. Christiansen / Published 2000

Creative Innovation
Ken Shelton(Editor) / Published 2000

The End of Change : How Your Company Can Sustain Growth and Innovation While Avoiding Change Fatigue
Peter Scott-Morgan / Published 2000

From Knowledge Management to Strategic Competence : Measuring Technological, Market and Organizational Innovation (Technology Management)
Joe Tidd (Editor) / Published 2000

Innovation and Research Policies : An International Comparative Analysis (New Horizons in the Economics of Innovation)
Paul Diederen (Editor) / Published 2000

Innovation and Technological Change in Eastern Europe : Pathways to Industrial Recovery
Michael Fritsch (Editor), Horst Brezinski (Editor) / Published 2000

Innovation, Evolution of Industry and Economic Growth (International Library of Critical Writings in Economics, No. 118)
David B. Audretsch / Published 2000

Innovation, Market Organisation and Economic Dynamics : Selected Essays
Giovanni Dosi / Published 2000

Knowledge, Innovation and Economic Growth : The Theory and Practice of Learning Regions
Frans Boekema (Editor), et al / Published 2000

Learning and Knowledge Management in the Firm : From Knowledge Accumulation to Strategic Capabilities (New Horizons in the Economics of Innovation)
Gabriela Dutrenit / Published 2000

Leveraged Innovation : Unlocking the Innovation Potential of Strategic Supply
Francis Bidault, et al / Published 2000

Winning the Innovation Race: Lessons from the Automotive Industrys Best Companies
Lee A. Sagel, et al / Published 2000

Science, Technology and Innovation
Ben Martin, Paul Nightingale / Published 2000

Social Entrepreneurship: The Art of Mission-Based Innovation
Peter Brinckerhoff / Published 2000

Systems of Innovation : Growth, Competitiveness and Employment
Charles Edquist(Editor), Maureen McKelvey (Editor) / Published 2000

Technological Innovation As an Evolutionary Process
J. M. Ziman(Editor) / Published 2000

Technology, Learning and Innovation : Experiences of Newly Industrializing Economies
Linsu Kim, Richard R. Nelson / Published 2000

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