Innovation Management

Find out if your organization has taken the right steps to be highly innovative

The following questions are taken from our Innovation Status Survey.

If your corporation has taken the right steps you should be able to answer 'Yes' to all the questions.

  • Has one person in the corporation been given the mission to promote innovation?
  • Has the corporation's innovation strategy been defined?
  • Has management set objectives for the annual number and percentage of innovative products, processes and services?
  • Has a specific set of ROI criteria been developed for innovation projects?
  • Are resources (people, finance, time) specifically assigned to innovation?
  • Has the innovation process been documented in the Quality Manual?
  • Are computer systems recognized as a key resource to support innovation?
  • Has the organization agreed on a definition of innovation that is communicated and understood by everyone?
  • Are people willing to discuss new ideas with people in other parts of the organization?
  • Does everyone receive training about innovation each year?

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