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If you are developing an Engineering Strategy or Engineering Plan, or deciding which improvement initiatives to implement, you need a clear picture of the future Engineering environment you're aiming for. In other words you need an Engineering Vision. The Engineering Vision 2000 Report has been produced to help you. It shows how to develop a vision, offers a framework on which you can develop your own vision, and describes a generic Engineering Vision. It's the result of many years' work developing Engineering Visions, Strategies and Plans for organizations round the world.

An Engineering Vision describes the 'to-be' state of Engineering that an organization wants to reach from its 'as-is' state. Without such a vision, without knowing the 'to-be' state:
  • long-term plans can't be made
  • an improvement strategy can't be developed
  • improvement initiatives can't be coordinated
Without an Engineering Vision, organizations make day-to-day decisions, improvement initiatives conflict and Engineering productivity decreases instead of increasing. Development of an Engineering Vision is the first step towards making major improvements in Engineering productivity and product development performance.

Benefits of 'The Engineering Vision 2000 Report'
'The Engineering Vision 2000 Report' is the result of many years work developing Engineering Visions for companies of all sizes and types. It provides a step-by-step description of the process for developing an Engineering Vision. You can use it to :

Save time :
  • avoid taking months re-inventing the process for defining the vision
  • provide a basis for your own Engineering Vision
Save money :
  • avoid wasting money re-inventing the wheel
  • it costs less than a day with a management consultant
Provide :
  • a basis for getting consensus in your organization
  • useful information on approaches and techniques
  • reliable information for reports to business and corporate management
  • a neutral view free from departmental and vendor bias

'The Engineering Vision 2000 Report' - Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Pressures on Engineering
Chapter 3 Much pressure, little progress
Chapter 4 A wealth of improvement initiatives
Chapter 5 From Vision to implementation
Chapter 6 The process of visioning
Chapter 7 Developing the Vision
Chapter 8 Framework of a Vision
Chapter 9 Future organizations - Corporate
Chapter 10 Management philosophy
Chapter 11 Future organizations - Business Unit
Chapter 12 Engineering activities in the Business Unit
Chapter 13 Human resources
Chapter 14 Information
Chapter 15 Practices and techniques
Chapter 16 Information systems
Chapter 17 Metrics
Chapter 18 Using the Vision to look at the present
Chapter 19 The way forward

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