PLM Consulting Services

John Stark Associates provides consulting services for all aspects of PLM. Examples of areas for which consultancy is provided are shown below.


PLM Vision and Strategy development

Project budgeting; Project cost-justification; Risk analysis

Planning of PLM Initiatives and PLM Projects. Developing PLM Implementation Strategy. Planning PLM Next Steps. Project management and participation. Team leadership. Preparation of articles and publications. Moderation of seminars and workshops.

Organisational Change Management

Post-merger operational integration

PLM Status Review; PLM Audit; PLM Performance Review


PLM application architecture development

Selection and implementation of PDM, CAD/CAM/CAE and other applications

Definition of interfaces and workflows

Application-related education, feasibility studies, analysis, specification of requirements, benchmark preparation, system evaluation, implementation, performance review


PLM business process architecture development

Process mapping and design

Development of portfolio management, idea management, product development, product modification, product phase-out and engineering change management processes

Development of quality management, intellectual property management and risk management processes


Product structuring ; part proliferation reduction


Data modelling ; data cleansing


Introduction of techniques such as Stage and Gate; QFD

Human Resources

Coaching; training strategy and course development


Development of PLM metrics ; Development of PLM Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)