PLM Consulting Services

John Stark Associates provides consultancy support in a wide range of areas and roles for companies aiming to improve PLM performance.

We've been involved in different ways on different assignments. Sometimes we work with the PLM Manager. Sometimes we work with the PLM Project Manager, sometimes with the PLM Core Team, or with the Core Team and the PLM Extended Team. Sometimes with the Project Sponsor, or with the Steering Committee, or the CEO. Or the Engineering VP, or an R&D Director, or the CIO.

In these assignments, the company is usually looking for help in specific areas of their PLM activities or of their PLM project (or PLM Program or PLM Initiative). That's led us to work, in various situations, on many subjects. Subjects such as: development of PLM Vision; development of PLM Strategy; PDM system selection; review of PLM status; review of PLM project progress; moderating seminars and workshops; reducing part proliferation; introducing Stage and Gate techniques; mapping and improvement of business processes; support for PLM project management; defining a data model for product data; PLM Initiative planning; PLM project risk assessment; PLM education and training; Organisational Change Management (OCM); data harmonisation across different sites; implementation of a new NPD methodology.

Sometimes we're just asked to provide advice. Sometimes we're asked to lead project activities. Sometimes we're asked to participate in project activities, and for example, develop a new business process, or develop a data model, or detail the configuration or customisation of a PDM system, or train people to work in a modified process, or audit the PLM activity.

We've carried out consultancy assignments for large, midsize and small companies in many industry sectors including aerospace, apparel, automotive, beverage, chemical, consumer goods, electrical, electronics, FMCG, medical device, machine tool, machinery, mechanical, pharmaceutical, power and rail.

More Information

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