Adapting the CAD/CAM/CAE system to company requirements

All companies are different and have different requirements, so it is not surprising that many of them find it necessary to adapt (or customize) the purchased CAD/CAM/CAE system to make it meet their particular requirements. Complete customization may take a long time (more than 1 year), and therefore will extend beyond the time frame examined here. However, there are many such tasks that will be completed in the first year, and others that will be started in the first year and completed later.

The tasks to be carried out should have been identified and planned earlier. They should be carried out mainly in order of their priority from the viewpoint of overall company objectives. However, some visible early success should come from the adaptations, so it is not a good idea to only embark on lengthy tasks for which success is long term or uncertain.

Typical areas that may require customizing are macros and links to other systems. The CAD/CAM/CAE system must work alongside other systems such as order processing, production planning and technical documentation.

A company-specific library of standard parts may also need to be built. It can be a key element in the search for savings of time and money. Some companies may want to build up a catalog of products that can be made available over the Web to potential customers.

Special programs that previously ran on other systems may have to be converted so that they run efficiently in the new environment.

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