MSC/NASTRAN Publications

MSC/NASTRAN Advanced Dynamic Analysis User's Guide
David N. Herting

MSC/NASTRAN Aeroelastic Analysis User's Guide
William Rodden, Erwin Johnson

MSC/NASTRAN Basic Dynamic Analysis User's Guide

MSC/NASTRAN Common Questions and Answers 3rd Edition
John M. Lee

MSC/NASTRAN Design Sensitivity and Optimization User's Guide
Gregory J. Moore

MSC/NASTRAN Linear Static Analysis User's Guide
John M. Lee

MSC/NASTRAN Numerical Methods User's Guide
Louis Komzsik

MSC/NASTRAN PRIMER: Static and Normal Modes Analysis
Harry G. Schaeffer

MSC/NASTRAN Quick Reference Guide

MSC/NASTRAN Interactive Training Programent Analysis in Mechanical Design

Using MSC/NASTRAN : Statics and Dynamics

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