Managing procedures

To ensure that all procedures are created in a consistent and correct manner, with consultation between all relevant parties, the method of preparing CAD/CAM/CAE procedures should be documented. It should define how procedures are initiated, developed, and controlled and could be considered a 'procedure for procedures'.

CAD/CAM/CAE procedures are usually prepared as flowcharts, rather than as narrative documents. The use of a flowchart simplifies the presentation of a procedure and helps to clarify the sequence of activities. It is easier to read than a text-based description, particularly when the logic offers many choices.

Procedure for procedures
The procedure should encompass the initiation, development, and control of all CAD/CAM/CAE procedures.

A 'procedure for procedures' should define the content and format of all controlled documents. The stages in a procedure's development should be specified and formalized, with the content and method of production specified at each stage. A separate index of status and applicability that can be updated independently of the controlling procedure simplifies the revision process.

  • Conform to any existing company format
  • Include sections covering scope, purpose, application, responsibilities, reference documents, prerequisites, and training
  • Define how revisions are indicated in the body of the document
  • Include a change and status page
  • Use the future imperative tense (shall) when giving instructions
  • Define who is responsible for updating and circulating the documents
  • Consult widely on all interfaces
  • Prepare an outline and agree before developing the detail
  • Discuss and resolve all contentious issues
  • Identify any software or hardware requirements, preparing a statement of user requirements for estimation
  • Gain approval of the statement of user requirements
  • Develop the full procedure
  • Issue and circulate to all holders of any CAD/CAM/CAE procedures
  • Train all users in the procedure
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the procedure and revise as necessary

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