Focused use of CAD/CAM/CAE applications

It is not possible initially to simultaneously apply CAD/CAM/CAE techniques to all operations in the company. Since it is necessary to choose where to start applying CAD/CAM/CAE, it is best to apply it where it will be most successful. Within each company, there are applications that can benefit from CAD/CAM/CAE, and applications that will be less productive with CAD/CAM/CAE than without it.

All applications liable to be impacted by CAD/CAM/CAE must be identified during analysis of the use of CAD/CAM/CAE. An overall plan should be drawn up detailing the order in which applications will be transferred to CAD/CAM/CAE. Focusing first on applications that will benefit most from CAD/CAM/CAE leads to productivity gains in these areas, helps build up a successful image for CAD/CAM/CAE, and causes the CAD/CAM/CAE experience and knowledge levels within the company to grow.

This CAD/CAM/CAE experience and knowledge, and the good image of CAD/CAM/CAE within the company, will be of great assistance when it comes to applying CAD/CAM/CAE to areas where immediate productivity gains are less obvious.

Focusing on particular applications should only be carried out within a well-defined overall plan. Random focusing, and focusing on particular applications without due regard to requirements of other applications, can be disastrous.

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