Requirements analysis

In view of the global, company-wide nature of CAD/CAM/CAE, it is very important that before choosing or upgrading CAD/CAM/CAE systems, a company fully understands its real CAD/CAM/CAE needs, and where and how CAD/CAM/CAE should be used. Experience shows that a company's knowledge of itself is very fragmented, with many individuals having deep knowledge of the particular area in which they work, but virtually no one having a detailed overall view of the company. The overview must be built up. It cannot be bought in directly from external sources. System vendors may be able to supply part of the answer. Experienced consultants can be used to assist the company to know itself better.

Many companies do not carry out the analysis of requirements in sufficient depth. This may result in selection of an unsuitable system. In other cases it leads to the formation of opposing teams within the company, each team believing its (generally biased) interpretation of the requirements to be the only correct one. Often an attempt is then made within the company to defuse the situation by carrying out a further analysis of requirements. To avoid such problems, the initial analysis must be carried out in sufficient detail and by a mixed team of people representing all disciplines concerned.

Once the requirements analysis has been carried out it should be used as a basis for making a decision, not as a basis for endless discussions and meetings concerning its interpretation.

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