Advanced training of users

Advanced training for users will be given as a series of courses matching the steadily progressing ability of the user. The first course will be given a few months after the initial user course, by which time the user should be familiar with the system and most of its basic functions. With all systems it will be found that there are many more possibilities available than are seen during initial training. Advanced training helps the user to discover these possibilities and teaches the most effective way to apply the functions of the system to particular application areas such as part programming or kinematic analysis.

Advanced user training will be given under similar circumstances to initial user training, although the size of the group may be smaller. The course length will usually be 3 to 5 days. Trainers giving these courses should try to identify common errors of practice among the trainees and use this information to improve the initial user course.

Apart from the formal advanced user course, the CAD/CAM/CAE Manager should promote other activities to improve users' abilities. For example, user meetings should be held regularly so that users can learn the results of different approaches to system use and exchange experience gained with particular system functions.

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