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Infinity Molding & Assembly, Inc. (Mt. Vernon, IN) celebrates its 25th anniversary as a custom injection molding in 2007. The company has grown from a start-up to a solution provider in the areas of plastic molding, secondary operations, and contract assembly. Infinity is now a supplier to international world-class customers in industrial, automotive, consumer, and medical markets.

The company produces automotive components for under hood applications and decorative control devices. Also, products are for other transportation sectors, industrial markets, and medical components are made. Products are injection molded in engineering grade thermoplastics.

Infinity's manufacturing floor includes six Mold-Vac units that eliminate molding problems caused as a direct result of gas and air entrapment. In addition, Mold-Vac machines help eliminate gas and air entrapments, flashing, part burns, and voids.

According to Infinity vice-president Joseph Crowdus, "Prior to installing the units, a business associate was having a difficult time molding an electrical connector. The mold had to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned after three days of production run time. With Mold-Vac he indicated the interval needed to clean molds extended to three weeks.

"In the early 1990s, I was processing a difficult grade of clear, rigid PVC. The mold vent areas were dirty and effectively blocked after a few days of production. Based on my discussion with my business associate, I decided to give Mold-Vac a try." That's when Crowdus contacted CAE Services (Batavia, IL) the manufacturer and distributor of the Mold-Vac series of products.

He says that Infinity has used Mold-Vac units on many applications over the years. "They have been successfully employed on what we define as 'tough' venting applications -- ones where we just cannot achieve part quality using normal approaches," adds Crowdus. "As a direct result of using Mold-Vac units, we have experienced improved processing windows. Also, we have experience with a wide range of plastics material such as PPS, PA, PPA, ABS, PP, PVC and others."

Crowdus says the Mold-Vac installations are not complicated and can be completed in a few hours. "We have our machines wired and set so the Mold-Vac units can be moved from machine to machine and plugged in for rapid utilization," Crowdus notes.

Without the Mold-Vac units, Infinity would experience deteriorating product quality. Crowdus says, "Production up time would be less as molds would need to be pulled and cleaned more frequently."

Regarding Infinity's relationship with CAE Services, Crowdus says he has relied on them for Mold Flow analysis and Mold-Vac assistance on several occasions. "I have found CAE Services representatives to be knowledgeable, professional and helpful. They have been very responsive to my needs," says Crowdus.

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Author: Laura Carrabine

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