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Managing by Measuring : How to Improve Your Organizationss Performance Through Effective Benchmarking
Mark T. Czarnecki / Published 1999

Total Organizational Excellence : Achieving World-Class Performance
John S. Oakland(Preface) / Published 1999

Winning Business : How to Use Financial Analysis and Benchmarks to Outscore Your Competition
Rich Gildersleeve / Published 1999

Benchmarking in Construction : Getting Ahead of the Competition
Ian Thompson / Published 1999

Business Process Improvement Toolbox
Bjrn Andersen, et al / Published 1999

OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 1999 : Benchmarking Knowledge-Based Economies
OECD/ Published 1999

Benchmarking for Best Practice : Continuous Learning Through Sustainable Innovation
Mohamed Zairi / Published 1998

The Benchmarking Sourcebook : A Guide to Identifying Potential Partners
Michael Cross / Published 1998

Effective Management of Benchmarking Projects : Practical Guidelines and Examples of Best Practive
Mohamed Zairi / Published 1998

Global Cases in Benchmarking : Best Practices from Organizations Around the World
Robert C. Camp(Editor) / Published 1998

If Only We Knew What We Know : The Transfer of Internal Knowledge and Best Practice
Carla S. ODell, et al / Published 1998

Total Manufacturing Solutions : How to Stay Ahead of Competition and Management Fashions by Customizing Total Manufacturing Success Factors
Ron Basu, J. Nevan Wright / Published 1998

Sylvia Codling / Published 1998

The Benchmarking Workout : A Toolkit to Help You Construct a World Class Organization
Tony Bendell, et al / Published 1997

Do It Right the Second Time : Benchmarking Best Practices in the Quality Change Process
Peter Merrill / Published 1997

The 8 Practices of Exceptional Companies : How Great Organizations Make the Most of Their Human Assets
Jac Fitz-Enz / Published 1997

Benchmarking for Competitive Advantage
Tony Bendell, et al / Published 1997

Benchmarking Basics : Looking for a Better Way (50-Minute Series)
James Gordon Patterson, et al / Published 1996

Best Practice Benchmarking : An International Perspective
Sylvia Codling / Published 1996

High Performance Benchmarking : 20 Steps to Success
H. James Harrington, James S. Harrington (Contributor) / Published 1996

The Managers Guide to Benchmarking: Essential Skills for the New Competitive/Cooperative Economy
Jerome P. Finnigan / Published 1996

Assessing Business Excellence : A Guide to Self-Assessment
L. J. Porter, S. J. Tanner / Published 1996

Benchmarking : A Guide for Educators
Sue Tucker / Published 1996

Benchmarking for Best Practice : Continuous Learning Through Sustainable Innovation
Mohamed Zairi / Published 1996

The Benchmarking Handbook : Step by Step Instructions
Bjorn Andersen / Published 1996

The Complete Benchmarking Implementation Guide : Total Benchmarking Management
H. James Harrington, James S. Harrington / Published 1996

Continuous Business Improvement : Profit from Quality (Quality in Action)
Barry Povey / Published 1996

Purchasing Performance Measurements
Mel Pilachowski / Published 1996

Business Process Benchmarking: Finding and Implementing Best Practices
Robert C. Camp / Published 1995

World-Class New Product Development : Benchmarking Best Practices of Agile Manufacturers
Dan Dimancescu, Kemp Dwenger / Published 1995

Blueprints for Continuous Improvement : Lessons from the Baldrige Winners
Richard M. Hodgetts / Published 1993

Benchmarking Global Manufacturing : Understanding International Suppliers, Customers, and Competitors
Jeffrey G. Miller, et al / Published 1992

Benchmarking : The Search for Industry Best Practices That Lead to Superior Performance
Robert C. Camp / Published 1989


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