Basics of PLM Course

The Basics of PLM Course is the first module in an online modular training program.

The course is intended for two types of participant. First, those working in industry who have experience in some areas of PLM, and would like to expand their knowledge in other areas of PLM. Second, those working in industry who have little or no experience of PLM, but are starting to work on PLM in their company, for example, in a PLM project or initiative.

The course gives a general introduction to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) from a multidisciplinary business perspective. It covers all the main components of PLM, and will help those working with PLM in a company to understand the basics of PLM and why it's so important. Its objective is to allow them to participate more fully in a company's PLM Initiative and other PLM activities.

The eight parts of the "Basics of PLM" course run on a weekly basis, allowing students to complete the course in about 2 months. The total student involvement for the course is about 35 hours.

This online course is presented by Dr John Stark, author of Product Lifecycle Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product Realisation, the leading PLM publication, in association with the PLM Institute, Geneva, Switzerland. As well as introducing the concepts of PLM, he shares his experience of working with many companies in their PLM Initiatives.

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