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Activity-Based Costing in Financial Institutions : How to Support Value-Based Management and Manage Your Resources Effectively
Julie Mabberley, Mark E. Austen / Published 1999

Activity-Based Costing: Making it Work for Small and Mid-Sized Companies
Douglas T. Hicks / Published 1999

Activity-Based Management: Arthur Andersens Lessons from the ABM Battlefield, 2nd Edition
Steve Player(Editor), et al / Published 1999

Arthur Andersens Global Lessons in Activity-Based Management
Steve Player(Editor), Roberto S. De Lacerda (Editor) / Published 1999

California Car Company : An Activity Learning Costing Case
Steven Adams, Leroy Pryor / Published 1999

The Cost Management Toolbox: A Managers Guide to Controlling Costs and Boosting Profits
Lianabel Oliver / Published 1999

Activity-Based Information Systems : An Executives Guide to Implementation
Mohan Nair / Published 1999

Driving Value Using Activity-Based Budgeting
James A. Brimson, et al / Published 1998

Pennsylvania Containers : Activity-Based Costing Case
Bob Needham, et al / Published 1998

Activity Accounting : An Activity-Based Costing Approac
James A. Brimson / Published 1997

Cost & Effect : Using Integrated Cost Systems to Drive Profitability and Performance
Robert S. Kaplan, Robin Cooper / Published 1997

The 60 Minute ABC Book Activity-Based Costing for Operations Management
Timothy S. White / Published 1997

Management Accounting (International Library of Management)
Richard M. S. Wilson(Editor) / Published 1997

Activity-Based Cost Management Making It Work : A Managers Guide to Implementing and Sustaining an Effective ABC System
Gary Cokins / Published 1996

Activity-Based Management: A Comprehensive Implementation Guide
Edward Forrest / Published 1996

Activity-Based Costing and Management
Ernest Glad, Hugh Becker / Published 1996

Implementing Activity-Based Management in Daily Operations (Nam/Wiley Series in Manufacturing)
John A. Miller / Published 1995

Cost Management : Accounting and Control
Don R. Hansen, Maryanne M. Mowen / Published 1995

Activity Based Costing: The Key to World Class Performance
Peter L. Grieco, Mel Pilachowski / Published 1994

Activity Based Costing and Performance
Douglas W. Webster / Published 1994

Emerging Practices in Cost Management : Activity Based Management
Barry J. Brinker(Editor) / Published 1994

Readings and Issues in Cost Management
James M. Reeve / Published 1994

An ABC Managers Primer : Straight Talk on Activity-Based Costing/#93282
Gary Cokins(Editor), et al / Published 1993

Activity-Based Costing for Marketing and Manufacturing
Ronald J. Lewis / Published 1993

Activity Accounting : An Activity-Based Costing Approach (Wiley/National Association of Accountants Professional Book Series
James A. Brimson / Published 1991

Common Cents : The ABC Performance Breakthrough
Peter B. Turney / Published 1991

The Complete Guide to Activity-Based Costing
Michael C. OGuin / Published 1991

Implementing Activity Based Costing
Paperback / Published 1991


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