Feb 26, 2018: Press Release for Product Lifecycle Management (Volume 3): The Executive Summary

John Stark Associates announced the publication of Product Lifecycle Management (Volume 3): The Executive Summary.

This book provides an executive overview of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and details the roles that executives play in PLM initiatives. It also explains why PLM emerged, why it is so important, the principles of PLM strategy, and the typical steps in a PLM initiative. Throughout the book, the author presents examples and cases studies, demonstrating the various roles of executives in PLM initiatives. The coverage is informed by John Stark's experience of working with companies on more than 100 PLM initiatives.

The book broadens the reader's understanding of PLM, nurturing the skills needed to implement PLM successfully and to achieve world-class product performance across the product lifecycle. It provides the executive reader with a thorough explanation of PLM, and the required knowledge to lead, or to participate in, a PLM Initiative.

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