July 7 2014

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Volume 16
Number 14

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* Welcome *
Welcome to 2PLM, an e-zine distributed about every two weeks. This issue includes :
  • Corporate Practices and KPIs In Organic, Open, and IP Innovation - Research Results
  • Making Sense of American and European PLM [2]
  • PLM References
  • The Foundation for Advanced PLM Research
  • Culture Change & PLM
  • GM 2014 Recalls
  • PLM News
* Corporate Practices and KPIs In Organic, Open, and IP Innovation - Research Results *
The era of corporate innovation began roughly fifteen years ago, started by industry leaders in the mid-1990s with successful targeted disruptive innovations and chasm crossings. Today, most companies have now tried out many new approaches, and at least changed some of their historical innovation practices to lead, compete, or to just keep up.

The innovation body of knowledge is still expanding rapidly as industry's demand continues to grow. Initially, there was a wave of tools, techniques, and software to facilitate improvement. Some 250 enabling tools and/or software were developed and marketed to industry. Then, business models began adapting to the likes of "open innovation" and "monetizing intellectual property." New service industries emerged to assist with open innovation scouting and intermediary work, and public auctions began a generally accessible marketplace for IP. Now, corporate infrastructure is being built to systematize the business activities that are working; while leaders continually experiment with new-to approaches and enablers. Organization, process, management software, and metrics development for specific types of, and approaches to, innovation are now day-to-day activities in a surprisingly high number of corporations.

Bradford Goldense, a renowned subject matter expert in R&D and product development, recently led a research effort to assess the innovation practices that industry now uses and their respective penetration levels. 2PLM readers having an interest in innovation may benefit from our thirty-year relationship with GGI. Over the next five months we will publish research results not available to the public. These will include a number of the findings from each GGI research area:
  • R&D Operating Environment: strategy, approach, tactics, change rate
  • Organic Innovation: basic and applied research, advanced and product development
  • Open Innovation: approaches, processes, impacts, financial results, organization
  • Intellectual Property: approaches, processes, impacts, financial results, organization
  • Top Corporate R&D-Product Development Metrics: pareto order for 101 CXO metrics
The study, entitled the "2014 Product Development Metrics Survey", was conducted by sending questionnaires to a wide range of companies developing products throughout North America. Participating companies had headquarters throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, but their response was for North American R&D-Product Development operations. Complete data sets were received from 200 companies. Consumer, industrial, medical, chemical, and automotive/vehicular products were the top respondent industries. Participants completed 31 questions detailing their demographic information and practices in the following five research areas: R&D Operating Environment, Organic Innovation, Open Innovation, Intellectual Property, and the Top Corporate Metrics used to measure R&D and Product Development. The research period was September 2012 to October 2013. The results were published March 3, 2014. This research is statistically valid and provides a Margin Of Error for each research question.

We aim to include the first set of findings in the next issue of 2PLM.

For more information about Goldense Group Inc.'s (GGI) R&D, Product Development, Innovation, and Metrics research approach and topics, ongoing since 1998, please visit their research portal. Licensed pdfs of the 2014 findings and other research are available in GGI's iStore or through regarded distributors including Baker & Taylor and MarketResearch.com.

Bradford L. Goldense, NPDP, CMfgE, CPIM, CCP, president of Goldense Group Inc. has advised over 300 manufacturing companies on four continents in product management, R&D, engineering, product development, and metrics. GGI is a consulting, market research, and executive education firm founded in 1986. Brad writes a monthly column in Machine Design magazine for product creation professionals.

* Making Sense of American and European PLM [2] *
by Roger Tempest

The previous issue of 2PLM (June 23) gave an overview of the very real differences in the way that PLM is implemented in North America and in Europe.

Insights gained in Boston during the PTC Live Executive Exchange were reviewed last week in Geneva, Switzerland on Day 2 of the PLM Financial Framework Workshop.

This was a detailed examination of how companies in the USA might respond to the comprehensive methodology that has been developed in Europe over the past 18 months. Not only did this confirm that an American-oriented approach to PLM Financial Management is necessary, but the session also defined how the current material should be reshaped so that American users can apply it to full effect.

Over the next six to eight weeks these findings will be built into a completely new PLM Financial Handbook toolset for the American market. This new material will be validated at a 3-day event to be held in the USA during September. We need to choose the dates and location for this, and if you have any preferences or would be interested in hosting then you can reply via the address below.

Roger Tempest is co-founder of the PLMIG. More information about the toolset or the workshop is available via financial@plmig.com.

* PLM References *
According to Google Scholar, as of July 1, Product Lifecycle Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product Realisation, the most popular PLM publication, had been cited 457 times in journal articles, books and theses.

In recent weeks it has been cited in:
  • Citation #456; 20 June 2014; K. Jansson et al; Services supporting Collaborative Alignment of Engineering Networks Details
  • Cit. #457; 27 June 2014; A. Qureshi et al; Stages in Product Lifecycle: Trans-disciplinary Design Context Details
Services supporting Collaborative Alignment of Engineering Networks first addresses a number of central underlying research themes and previous research results that have influenced the development of the Innovation and Engineering Maturity Model for Marine-Industry Networks. Large-scale facilities such as power plants, process factories, ships and communication infrastructures are often engineered and delivered through geographically distributed operations. The competencies required are usually distributed across several contributing organisations. The article presents two approaches for the development of services that support distributed engineering work. Experience from use of the services is analysed, and potential for development is identified. The article concludes with a proposal for consolidation of the two above-mentioned methodologies. In addition, it outlines the characteristics and requirements of future services supporting collaborative alignment of engineering networks.

Stages in Product Lifecycle: Trans-disciplinary Design Context presents a stage-based framework for analysing transdisciplinary design processes in engineering product design and manufacturing. The framework provides a stage-wise, product lifecycle centric frame of reference for comparing design processes in industries from different industrial sectors involving multi-disciplinary stakeholders. The framework is based on literature analysis in the domain of design theory and methodology, as well as from models in product lifecycle management. The paper also reports insights on application of the framework for design processes analysis of 23 industries based on the mapping of their individual design processes to the developed framework.

* The Foundation for Advanced PLM Research *
It is generally agreed that PLM is an important new technology with far-reaching impact and application world-wide.

For similarly important new technologies there are well-structured, highly-visible research programs. Yet, despite the best of intentions, research into PLM across the world remains fragmented, low-profile, and limited to very specific subject areas.

This is a significant long-term problem for industrial companies. Lack of research means that PLM is heading towards a "plateau of sameness" in which future capabilities will be no better than were envisaged a decade ago. If manufacturing performance is to make genuine advances in the future, then new PLM concepts must play their part.

There is now a proposal to establish a PLM International Research Foundation as an independent platform to support advanced research into Product Lifecycle Management. The Foundation would work with industrial companies to identify their most important research issues and then with academic and other research organisations to achieve them.

The proposal has been put forward jointly by the PLM Interest Group, the IFIP Working Group 5.1, and the PLM Institute in Geneva.

To launch this we are gathering the views of PLM researchers from leading universities and institutions worldwide to establish a general academic viewpoint about what might be possible. This is being carried out by means of a global survey during July 2014.

The survey is now being carried out by the PLM Institute, and PLM researchers from around the world are invited to respond. You can take part by contacting Killian Murphy at killian.murphy@ifage.ch.

* Culture Change & PLM *
by Scott Cleveland

Those of us who have implemented a PLM [product lifecycle management] solution realize how important it is to manage culture change.

A PLM implementation can impact your user community in 2 ways:
  • Users must learn to use new software
  • PLM may change how users work
This is where a strong 'champion' comes into play. What makes a strong champion?
  • They could be upper management, but that isn't necessary.
  • They do need to be well respected. This must be a person that the user community will listen to.
  • They need to lead - like a Pied Piper. They need to get the user community excited to follow along.
  • The champion is an internal sales job. They will be selling to management as well as selling to the user community. This sales role will be ongoing.
  • They will need to manage expectations.
All of these qualities imply that the champion is a good listener and has real empathy with the user community.

Note: It is possible to have a successful implementation without a strong champion, but all of the successful implementations that I have witnessed had a strong champion.

Contact me to learn more about PLM and see how it can help your company ....

Scott Cleveland can be contacted on +1 408-464-6387

* GM 2014 Recalls *
On June 27 2014, General Motors announced four safety recalls covering 428,211 vehicles in the United States. These recalls address: the driver's side air bag inflator; transfer case control module software; the windshield wiper module assembly; rear shock absorbers. Details

On June 30 2014, General Motors announced that it will conduct six new safety recalls in the United States involving about 7.6 million vehicles from the 1997 to 2014 model years.

GM has made changes to every process that affects the safety of its vehicles, and the company has acted or will act on all 90 of the recommendations put forward by former U.S. Attorney Anton Valukas in his independent report to the company's Board of Directors.

GM expects to take a charge of up to approximately $1.2 billion in the second quarter for the cost of recall-related repairs announced in the quarter. Details

The June 30 version of the table titled "GM 2014 year-to-date North American recalls including exports" shows 54 recalls including those of June 16 mentioned in the June 23 issue of 2PLM.

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* Corporate *
PTC announced that it has completed its acquisition of Atego. Details

SofTech, Inc. announced that it received a total of $1.3 million in new capital from EssigPR, Inc. Details

* People *
Aras announced it welcomed Professor Dr.-Ing. Martin Eigner to the company's Board of Advisors. Details

* Implementations *
Aras announced that Dedicated Computing has selected and implemented the Aras enterprise solution suite. Details

CAD Schroer announced that Palfinger recently invested in MEDUSA4. Details

Centric Software, Inc. announced that Norrøna will use the Centric 8 PLM software. Details

Dassault Systemes announced that Ion Beam Applications SA selected the 3DEXPERIENCE platform based on V6 architecture. Details

Formtek, Inc. announced that it has been awarded a contract for software licenses to be used by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Details

MSC Software Corp. announced that Indian Register of Shipping has selected Dytran. Details

Optitex announced that Palliser Furniture Upholstery Ltd. has chosen Optitex solutions. Details

Selerant announced that it entered into agreement with Welch's to implement DevEX Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solution. Details

* Developments *
Altium Limited announced the release of Altium Vault 2.0. Details

aPriori announced Cost Insight, a business intelligence capability that delivers timely and actionable product cost and profitability data to engineering, manufacturing and sourcing managers and executives. Details

Arena Solutions announced the availability of Arena Quality. Details

AutoForm Engineering GmbH announced AutoForm Hydro 2014. Details

CD-adapco announced the release of STAR-CCM+ v9.04. Details

Concurrent Systems Inc Ltd announced the release of DDM 2014.5. Details

CoreTech System Co., Ltd. announced the release of Moldex3D R13.0. Details

ENGINEERING PLM Solutions announced that RuleDesigner gives the possibility to integrate KeyShot data in PLM processes. Details

Flow Science, Inc. announced the release of FLOW-3D Cast v4. Details

Formtek, Inc. announced that the Formtek Auditing Extension is available for Alfresco 4.2. Details

Formtek announced that the Formtek File Linking and Peer Association Extensions are now available for Alfresco 4.2. Details

Hexagon Metrology announced the Hexagon Probe Laser 20.8. Details

Hexagon Metrology announced the launch of PC-DMIS 2014. Details

The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) announced IntelliCAD 8.0 operating in the cloud. Details

Lectra announced Kaledo V4R1. Details

MecSoft Corp. announced VisualXPORT 2014 for SpaceClaim. Details

PDF3D announced PDF3D V2.10. Details

Tech Soft 3D announced HOOPS Communicator 2.2. Details

Tech Soft 3D announced HOOPS Publish v7.2. Details

TFTLabs announced Autodesk Inventor 2015 support. Details

TransMagic, Inc. announced the release of MagicCheck R2. Details

VirtualGrid announced VRMesh v8.5. Details

Zuken announced E3.series 2014A. Details

ZWCAD Design announced ZWCAD Touch for Android Version 1.3.0. Details

3D Systems announced its iSense 3D scanner for iPad. Details

* Relationships *
Electric Cloud announced a Software and Technology Partnership with Siemens PLM Software. Details

Luxion announced that SpaceClaim has chosen Luxion's KeyShot as its new rendering solution for SpaceClaim Engineer. Details

Missler Software announced the upcoming conclusion of a strategic agreement with Sandvik Coromant for the integration of the tool library system, Adveon in TopSolid7. Details

Optitex and Alvanon announced a collaboration. Details

* Other *
CONTACT Software announced CONTACT Software NEWS 07/2014. Details

Delcam announced it continues to be the world's largest specialist supplier of CAM software and services. Delcam employs over 700 staff. Details

Detecon announced publication of "Complexity Management of Intelligent Products in the Energy & Utility industry". Details

Gerber Technology announced it was presented with a Gold level award for product innovation from the Connecticut Quality Improvement Award Partnership, Inc., an affiliate of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Details

Lectra announced the opening of its South Korean subsidiary. Details

NGC announced Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine has named NGC to the Supply & Demand Chain Executive "100" for 2014. Details

PDT Europe announced a pre-conference PLCS/OSLC Workshop. Details

ProSTEP announced Isuzu Motors signed ProSTEP iViP Association's Code of PLM Openness (CPO). Details

PROSTEP announced that OpenDXM GlobalX received two awards. Details

Siemens PLM Software announced IDG's CIO magazine announced Siemens PLM Software as a recipient of the 2014 CIO 100. Details

Vero Software announced its position as the world's number 1 CAM focussed software business. Details

Virtalis announced that Boston was the venue for the first public display of its VR Extension for PTC Creo View. Details

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