February 27 2012

John Stark Associates

Volume 14
Number 24

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* Welcome *
Welcome to 2PLM, an e-zine distributed about every two weeks. This issue includes :
  • PLM Strategy
  • PLM Group Meeting
  • PLM and Change
  • PLM Governance Benchmark - Coaching Workshop
  • 4.4 Star Rated PLM Book
  • PLM - Just Do It!
  • PLM News
* PLM Strategy *
by John Stark

Companies need to develop two strategies for PLM. The PLM Strategy describes how the company's PLM resources (such as product data, product development and support staff, product-related business processes, applications and methods) will be organised and used to achieve the objectives. PLM Strategies are company-specific. They depend on the particular circumstances and resources of the company, and on its particular environment.

Usually, many changes are needed to evolve from the current organisation of resources to the future organisation described in the PLM Strategy. The PLM Implementation Strategy shows how resources will be organised and used to achieve the change from the current environment to the future environment. It's sometimes referred to as the Deployment Strategy or the Change Strategy. A good, well-defined and well-communicated PLM Implementation Strategy enables resources and capabilities to be used to their best during implementation. And it allows everybody to be informed about what's happening.

Find out more in PLM Strategy and PLM Implementation Strategy, the third title in the PLM Monograph 2012 Series. It follows PLM Vision and The PLM Grid.

* PLM Group Meeting *
by John Stark

If you have a PLM role in a discrete or process manufacturing company, and are interested in working with other people to proactively address PLM subjects of common interest, your membership in the recently formed Geneva International PLM Group would be welcomed. Membership of the Group is free of charge. You can join here on LinkedIn. The Group is independent of PLM product and service providers, and focuses on the business, management and organisational issues of Product Lifecycle Management.

Start-up activities are progressing. The first meeting of Group members will be held in Geneva, Switzerland on Thursday March 22.

* PLM and Change *
by Scott Cleveland

In the previous issue, I talked about your 'vision' for a solution. This week I'll cover 'change'.

People, in general, hate change.

How often have you heard, "I really REALLY hate change"?

That's normal. That's most people. But why do we dislike it so much?

Suddenly the rules are unclear: we don't know how we fit into the new scheme of things; we're adrift; we're unsure. And it takes a while to learn the new rules. We knew what to do and when to do it, and now we don't. That's why most people hate change ....

A simple example - when a student moves from Middle School to High School, the school goes to great lengths to prepare them for the 'change'. And still that change is a shock to the system.

My Strategy....
Change is one reason why PLM projects need to be implemented in a relatively short period of time. You don't want the worker community to have a lot of time to over think it. Change is where the 'champion' comes in. The 'champion' is your internal sales person. Not only do they guide your worker community through the changes, they will do it with enthusiasm.

They need to point out how much better life will be for the worker when the new solution is in place. They will enthusiastically explain how the solution is not only better for the company, but it's also better for the worker. They will gently guide everyone through the transition.

I can't stress enough how important this is. One negative person can kill an entire project. The potentially negative person must become a part of the solution. The better the 'champion' performs their tasks, the better the chance of a successful project.

Let's not forget that a PLM project, managed properly, can bring your company some significant financial benefits. So, what are you waiting for?

Your Thoughts....
What's your experience been? Have you had a project fail due to the bad attitude of one person?

Scott Cleveland can be contacted on +1 408-464-6387

* PLM Governance Benchmark - Coaching Workshop *
by Roger Tempest

Preparatory discussions about the PLM Governance Benchmark (see 2PLM, February 13) have involved companies including Alcon, BSH, Cassidian Air Systems, Draexlmaier, Gambro, General Dynamics, MTD, MTU Aero Engines, Thales Group and ZF.

The programme will be launched with a Benchmark Coaching Workshop hosted by Knorr-Bremse at their Headquarters in Munich, Germany.

The aim is to hold the Workshop before Easter, on dates that are suitable for those who would like to participate, so now is the time to make your preferences known to us.

The Coaching Workshop will give a complete insight into the Governance Benchmark, but it is a highly valuable event in its own right. Workshop participants will receive all of the tools and working material, and be trained in how they are applied. Some companies intend to go on and use this internally, to benchmark and then align the way that their divisions and global sites are implementing PLM.

This will be an international benchmark, and companies based anywhere in the world are welcome to take part. It does not matter whether your company regards itself as US or European - the Benchmark bridges the Atlantic, and is likely to encompass countries such as India, China and Mexico.

We are starting in Germany simply because Knorr-Bremse is the first event host, and we may hold an identical Workshop in Ohio just after Easter to give a second option.

We will announce the dates of the Coaching Workshop very shortly, when we have had the feedback on preferred dates. You can request a spreadsheet to advise us of your own date preferences by contacting me at benchmark@plmig.com.

Roger Tempest is co-founder of the PLMIG. Membership of the PLMIG is available via membership@plmig.com.

* 4.4 Star Rated PLM Book *
by John Stark

With an average 4.4 Star rating by 11 reviewers on Amazon, Product Lifecycle Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product Realisation (2nd edition, September 2011) explains what PLM is, and why it's needed. It describes the environment in which products are developed, realised and supported, before looking at the basic components of PLM, such as the product, processes, applications, and people. The final part addresses the implementation of PLM, showing the steps of a project or initiative, and typical activities. This new and expanded edition of Product Lifecycle Management is fully updated to reflect the many advances made in PLM since the release of the first edition in 2004. It includes descriptions of PLM technologies and examples of implementation projects in industry. Product Lifecycle Management will broaden the reader's understanding of PLM, nurturing the skills needed to implement PLM successfully and to achieve world-class product performance across the lifecycle.

From the Back Cover. "Product Lifecycle Management is an important technology for European industry. This state-of-the art book is a reference for those implementing and researching PLM." Dr. Erastos Filos, Head of Sector "Intelligent Manufacturing Systems", European Commission.

* PLM - Just Do It! *
by Scott Cleveland

A friend of mine is a VP [economic buyer] at a large high tech company. We were talking about a business process management project at his company.

Our Thoughts....
Think about big projects.

1) Someone has identified a need. Some typical examples include: You have a process that is taking too long. A very expensive error has occurred as a result of something wrong with your process. You are having trouble meeting weekly output goals. Your customers are not happy with their interactions with your company. You have discovered a new market that you would like to address, but your existing processes make it impossible to compete. And so on.

2) You have performed a return on investment analysis and your inefficiencies are costing you thousands of dollars daily.

You know you need to something.

There are 2 extreme approaches: Go out and buy something quickly or .... spend a year or so making sure that you have made the right choice. Obviously, the approach you choose could land anywhere in between the two extremes. Let's look at the pros and cons.

Quickly - You might get lucky, and make the right choice, but odds say you won't. However, this approach allows you to cut costs and make some progress on being more efficient.

Spend a year - Your odds of making the right choice go up, but they're not guaranteed. This approach will cost you money for each month that you don't have a solution and this path doesn't ensure a successful solution. No matter your chosen path, any solution you choose will likely need tweaking to make it work properly for your company.

The Takeaway....
Just do it!

My friend pointed out that the money you spent on the quick decision is not lost. What you will learn during the implementation of the 'Quick' solution will make you a much smarter buyer for the next decision. That next decision could be to improve your quick decision solution or to go another way, but you will be a much smarter buyer.

What is the cost of procrastination? High. You will never get back the dollars you spent while you were looking for that perfect solution. You will learn far more attempting to implement a solution than you will researching the alternatives.
And, you will never find the 'perfect' anything. So, what are you waiting for?

Your Thoughts....
This is a rather radical approach, but seems to make sense - what do you think?

Scott Cleveland can be contacted on +1 408-464-6387

Page 2
* Financial *
ANSYS, Inc. reported fiscal year 2011 GAAP revenue was $691.4 million. Details

Autodesk, Inc. reported fiscal year 2012 revenue of $2.22 billion. Details

Lectra announced consolidated financial statements for the fiscal year 2011. Revenues were 205.9 million euros. Details

Rand Worldwide, Inc. announced its financial results for the quarter ended December 31, 2011. Total revenues were $22.5 million. Details

3D Systems Corp. announced revenue of $230.4 million for the 2011 full year. Details

* People *
Lectra announced the nomination of Laurent Alt as the new director of its Software R&D department. Details

* Implementations *
Altair Engineering, Inc. announced that MTU Aero Engines has selected HyperWorks. Details

aPriori announced that SFI is leveraging its platform to accelerate response time and improve accuracy on project quotes. Details

Bentley Systems, Inc. announced that Bharat Oman Refineries Limited has implemented ProjectWise. Details

Catalog Data Solutions announced that Atlas Bronze has selected its SaaS online product Catalog and CAD download solution. Details

Dassault Systemes announced that PSA Peugeot Citroen has deployed DELMIA in its powertrain division. Details

Intergraph announced that Fluor currently has 22 ongoing projects that are using SmartPlant technology. Details

PTC announced that Triumph Motorcycles Ltd has selected Windchill for Product Lifecycle Management. Details

Siemens PLM Software announced that Space Systems/Loral has selected its Teamcenter software. Details

TDCI, Inc. announced that Sutphen Corporation has selected the BuyDesign Product Configurator and Guided Selling Suite. Details

* Developments *
Altair Engineering Inc. announced the release of NVH Director. Details

Aras announced the latest release of Aras Enterprise PLM for SolidWorks Enterprise PDM. Details

Aras announced the availability of Ilesfay cloud-based replication technology for Aras Innovator. Details

Elmo Solutions announced the availability of Agni Link 2012. Details

EON Reality announced the release of EON Creator 4.7. Details

First Trace, Inc. announced the release of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for version 5 of Kinnosa. Details

The IGE+XAO Group announced the launching of SEE Electrical Expert V4. Details

ITI TranscenData announced the availability of DEXcenter Version 6.2. Details

Lantek announced the 2012 version of its CAD/CAM software. Details

MSC Software Corp. announced its 2012 releases of Sinda and TFEA. Details

nCode announced nCode 8. Details

OpenText announced OpenText Capture for Microsoft SharePoint. Details

OPTIS announced that SPEOS for CREO Parametric design software now integrates with PTC Windchill PDMLink. Details

SpaceClaim announced the immediate availability of the SpaceClaim Nesting Plugin. Details

Tacton Systems AB announced that Tacton Configurator CPQ has been released on Salesforce AppExchange. Details

Theorem Solutions announced the availability of its JT to 3DXML CADverter. Details

Theorem Solutions announced the latest DGN to JT CADverter. Details

ZWSOFT announced new 2X and 3X machining systems based on the forthcoming release of ZW3D 2012. Details

3D Systems Corp. announced the availability of Zoom. Details

3D Systems Corp. announced the availability of Print3D. Details

* Relationships *
Actify Inc. announced that Centro is now available through Aras Innovator. Details

Altair announced it has partnered with Ontonix to offer OntoNet complexity management solutions in the HyperWorks Partner Alliance. Details

Aras announced that The vdR Group has joined the Aras Partner Program. Details

Cadac Group announced it has successfully re-enrolled the Microsoft Partner Network with Gold and Silver competencies. Details

CONTACT Software and KOSTECH Korea Simulation Technology Co. Ltd. announced that they are partnering for sales and distribution in Korea. Details

FISHER/UNITECH announced it has partnered with Finite Engineering to provide services to its clients in the Midwest. Details

Graphics Systems Corp. announced it was honored by Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. as the Top SolidWorks Subscription Provider in North America. Details

Hawk Ridge Systems announced it has received the Top Worldwide SolidWorks Reseller Award. Details

ModuleWorks and SolidCNC announced a partnership agreement. Details

TDCI, Inc. announced that TDCI has joined the SolidWorks Partner Program. Details

* Other *
Alcove9 introduced its Advisory Board members. Details

Autodesk, Inc. announced it exhibited an innovative new approach for 3D interactive building instructions at LEGO World 2012. Details

AVEVA announced it has opened a new office in Seoul, Korea. Details

AVEVA announced it will expand its training programs with Brazilian universities. Details

BigMachines, Inc. announced the company achieved 55 percent growth in total revenue in 2011. Details

Creaform announced it celebrates 10 years of innovation in 2012. Details

Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. announced it awarded its 50,000th certification in the SolidWorks training certification program. Details

EOS Solutions, in conjunction with the 3D PDF Consortium, announced an initiative to promote the development and adoption of 3D PDF as an open standard for visualization, collaboration, data exchange and the long-term archiving of 3D data. Details

Eurostep announced that Share-A-space featured at the MODPROD conference in January 2012. Details

INUS Technology, Inc. announced that it achieved 23% revenue growth in 2011. Details

Missler Software announced 2011 end of year results with an increase in sales turnover of 6%. Details

Objet Ltd. announced its collaboration with Sirona. Details

Omnify Software announced it received the Kinetic Process Innovation Award for excellence in the Product Design Automation category. Details

Pointwise announced it has donated 30 fully supported licenses of its software for The University of Texas. Details

QUMAS announced record growth in 2011. Details

Rand Worldwide announced it has earned recognition as a John Deere "Partner-level Supplier" and Hall of Fame Supplier. Details

Selerant Corporation announced its membership with The Sustainability Consortium. Details

Sopheon announced it has been named one of the top ten suppliers of new product development and introduction (NPDI) solutions to manufacturers in the consumer goods sector. Details

SpaceClaim announced that SpaceClaim Engineer can be directly integrated with SigmnaNEST. Details

Stratasys announced the tenth anniversary of its Dimension 3D Printer line. Details

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