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* Welcome *
Welcome to 2PLM, an e-zine distributed about every two weeks. This issue includes :
  • PLM, PDM. Airbus A350, Boeing 787. Clemenceau, Oriskany.
  • DDM/PLM Interface Survey
* PLM, PDM. Airbus A350, Boeing 787. Clemenceau, Oriskany. *
by John Stark

Product Lifecycle Management, Product Data Management
The 2PLM mailing list continues to grow, and is approaching the 9,000 mark. For readers who have recently joined the list, it may be useful to mention that in the world of 2PLM,
  • PLM is the business activity of managing a company's products all the way across the lifecycle, from the very first idea for a product all the way through until it is retired and disposed of, in the most effective way
  • the objectives of PLM are to increase product revenues, reduce product-related costs, and maximize the value of the product portfolio
  • the focus of PLM is the product
Meanwhile, Product Data Management (PDM) is an IS application. The focus of PDM is product data. Product Data Management and its close relation, Engineering Data Management (EDM), have been with us for a long time - as the October 1991 issue of the Engineering Data Management Newsletter shows. 1991, that was 15 years ago. That was the 20th Century. That was PDM, which is not PLM.

The new paradigm of PLM, with its focus on the product, appeared in Product Lifecycle Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product Realisation. Among the products mentioned in the book were the Clemenceau and the Airbus A380.

The last few weeks have seen the Clemenceau and the Airbus A380 in the news again.

Airbus A350, Boeing 787
The Airbus A380 landed at London's Heathrow Airport for the first time. Singapore Airlines is expected to make the inaugural A380 commercial flight on its London to Sydney route later this year.

Meanwhile, Airbus announced it expects to 'decide about changes to our A350 programme by the middle of the year, which is when we were to have the design freeze of the A350'. Press reports suggest that Airbus is reviewing the future of the A350, which is currently at the beginning of the product lifecycle. It looks as if the current product specifications don't fit with customer requirements and the rest of the Product Portfolio. The plane, apparently a derivative of the the A330/A340 Family, is not due to be available until 2010. It has fewer firm orders than its fuel-efficient competitor, Boeing's 787, for which the first flight is expected in 2007 with certification, delivery and entry into service occurring in 2008. Airbus is apparently looking at A350 options including a new family which could double the development cost and delay market introduction.

According to one source, "The redesign comes after Emirates shipped a row of its triple seats to Toulouse, and they did not fit into the A350 mock-up." Details

The revised A350 also will feature a larger, all-new composite wing but not a composite fuselage. .... Key to the new variant is a wider Al-Li fuselage, up to 14 in. wider than the current A350. Details

Boeing completed the first full-scale composite one-piece fuselage section for its Dreamliner program in 2005. Details

The product portfolio, the individual product, the development project, the development cost, the design, the width, the materials, the weight, the fuel usage .... are all part of the holistic joined-up world of PLM. As are the applications and work methods, such as use of Computer Aided Design (CAD), PDM, Digital Mock-Up (DMU) and Product Portfolio Management (PPM).

"Design engineers across Airbus are working for the first time - thanks to Airbus concurrent engineering (ACE) - from one central database using harmonised data and the latest concurrent engineering design tools". (Airbus)

And, according to Dassault Systemes, their V5 PLM application suite is part of an overall approach to managing the international collaboration, known as the Global Collaboration Environment (GCE), on the 787 program. In this virtual environment, Boeing and its partners are using V5 PLM applications to design, build and test every aspect of the 787 airplane and its manufacturing processes digitally and before production begins.

Clemenceau, Oriskany
Meanwhile, down at the other end of the product lifecycle, the Clemenceau is a French aircraft carrier launched in 1957 and decommissioned in 1997, but still containing a large amount of asbestos - somewhere between 50 and 250 tons depending on the source.

Asbestos is a material that industry used a lot before becoming aware of its dangers. It has interesting properties - long fibres, strength, resistance to heat and fire, etc. It was widely used in the early 20th century until it became clear that inhaling it was dangerous, and could lead to mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases.

The Clemenceau recently sailed from France to India to be broken up, only to be denied access by the Supreme Court of India. Now she's back in France, where a top priority is to find out exactly how much asbestos there is - and where it is.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, the ex-Oriskany, a decommissioned aircraft carrier, became the largest ship intentionally sunk as an artificial reef May 17 when it was sunk approximately 24 miles off the coast of Pensacola, Fla. Details

The scope of work to prepare ex-Oriskany for sinking included ... removal/disposal of any loose or detached friable asbestos containing material. ... the Navy will have spent $13.29 million on ex-Oriskany to complete the environmental preparations for reefing in conformance with EPA guidance, to accomplish the sink preparations to allow internal flooding of the ship and to execute the scuttling event. Details

The Clemenceau was launched in 1957 so didn't initially have the support of PLM applications such as 3D CAD systems which could calculate the weight of a given volume of material (or be used to illustrate technical manuals showing how to dismantle a product) or PDM systems which could manage as-designed, as-installed, as-maintained and as-dismantled configurations.

In 2006, though, companies can develop and implement PLM strategies that enable them to be in control of their products throughout the lifecycle - from cradle to grave - and increase the value of the product portfolio.

PLM provides a holistic joined-up approach to applications (such as CAD, DMU and PDM), processes (such as Product Portfolio Management, New Product Improvement, Engineering Change Management and Disassembly), and techniques (such as Design For Manufacture, Concurrent Engineering and Stage/Gate). Many of the components already exist in most companies. Often, the primary challenge now is to bring them together.

When a company doesn't have a PLM Strategy, things fall through the gaps at different points in the lifecycle with results such as failure of product development projects, product failure in the field, and unexpected costs at the end of the lifecycle.

Recent publications helping companies to develop a PLM Strategy and move forward with PLM include Making Progress with PLM, which introduced the PLM Grid, and the PLM State of the Art May 2006 Report, which introduced the PLM Framework.

* DDM/PLM Interface Survey *
Hello, we are two students from the Netherlands and we would like to ask you to take part in a small survey. It will take about 10 minutes of your time. We are currently working on our final internship at Dizain-Sync, a company which specializes in consulting and training services in PLM and EDA knowledge. Our project is about the possible interface problems that arise when using a PLM solution together with a DDM solution. Because of this, we would like some feedback from companies who are interested in this business. We composed a survey and hope to get as many replies as possible to help us with our research!

After completing this survey, you are able to view the overall results.

Please visit the online survey at the following url:

Our thanks in advance,

Justin Nieuwerth
Robbin van den Houten

Bachelor Business Informatics, Saxion University Enschede, the Netherlands

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Reference Section

Follow the link for books in the Product Lifecycle Management Library

Configuration Management . Product Data Management . Product Lifecycle Management

Autodesk .. CATIA .. Lean .. MicroStation .. Pro/ENGINEER .. Six Sigma .. UGS

The World of Product Lifecycle Management

Follow the links for :

Vendors in the PLM World. Latest additions/modifications : Artemis International Solutions Corporation, Coastal Logic, Inc., ENGINEERING.COM, Enginuity, Hamilton Hall, ProSTEP AG.

PLM service providers. Latest additions/modifications : Accenture, Axian, Inc., Infosys Technologies, Kalypso Partners, Product Lifecycle Management Australasia.

General Interest

Innovation Management

Engineering Change Management

Managing PDM in a changing environment

Principles of Good Product Development

Making Progress With PLM
The Making Progress With PLM Manual helps companies launch PLM Initiatives, develop PLM visions and strategies, and implement PLM plans. It supports PLM VPs, PLM Project Leaders, PDM Managers, IS Managers, CAD Managers and others faced with the many questions, problems, challenges and opportunities of PLM - and looking for the best way forward.
Making Progress With PLM

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* Corporate *
Dassault Systemes announced it has completed the acquisition of MatrixOne Inc. Details

MachineWorks Limited announced a Management Buy Out (MBO). MachineWorks Limited, together with LightWork Design Limited, have been acquired by VSI Limited, a new holding company created as the vehicle for the MBO, backed by Matrix Private Equity Partners and HSBC Bank. Details

SSA Global announced the signing of a definitive agreement under which Infor will acquire SSA Global. Details

TechniGraphics announced it has purchased certain assets of the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) business of Axiom Systems, Inc. Details

Telelogic announced the acquisition of I-Logix. Details

Valor Computerized Systems announced that it has concluded the purchase of Danish TraceXpert operations. Details

* Financial *
Access Commerce announced revenue totaled EUR 2.24 million in the first quarter of 2006, an increase from EUR 2.14 million posted in the comparable period of 2005. Details

Arena Solutions announced results of its first fiscal quarter of 2006, ending March 31, 2006. Details

Autodesk, Inc. announced financial results for its first fiscal quarter ended April 30, 2006. Autodesk reported net revenues of $436 million, a 23 percent increase over $355 million reported in the first quarter of the prior year. Details

Avatech Solutions, Inc. announced earnings for its third quarter ended March 31, 2006. Total revenues for the quarter were approximately $11 million. Details

AVEVA Group plc announced its audited results for the year ended 31 March 2006. Revenues were up 15% to 65.9 million (2005: 57.2 million) Details

CENIT announced sales growth and increased earnings in Q1 2006. Details

Cimatron Limited announced financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2006. Revenues for the first quarter of 2006 were $5.4 million. Details

Top 10 PLM Pitfalls To Avoid - NEWLY UPDATED!

Endeca announced an 85 percent increase in first quarter revenue. Details

i2 Technologies, Inc. announced results for the first quarter 2006. Total revenue was $64.0 million. Details

Open Text Corp. announced unaudited financial results for its third quarter of fiscal 2006 that ended March 31, 2006. Total revenue was $100.9 million. Details

RAND Worldwide announced financial results for the quarter March 31, 2006. Revenue was $27.9 million, up 13.7% from Q1 2005. Details

Stellent, Inc. announced financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended March 31, 2006. Fourth quarter fiscal 2006 revenues were $33.0 million. Details

UGS Corp. announced first quarter 2006 results. Total revenue increased to US$273.8 million. Details

Valor Computerized Systems announced financial results for the first quarter of 2006. Revenues were $8.3 million. Details

* People *
Actify Inc., announced David Opsahl as CEO, Chris Jones as President. Details

Endeca announced that Michael Porter and Edwin Gillis have been appointed as independent members of the company's Board of Directors. Details

i2 Technologies, Inc. announced that Robert S. Elliott has been named senior vice president of Global Partners. Details

Opticore announced further expansion in Japan by the hiring of Mr. Katsuhiko Kitahara as Sales and Marketing Director, Japan. Details

Opticore announced further expansion in its distribution channel by the hiring of Mrs. Anna Stoldt. Details

Valor Computerized Systems announced that the company's board of directors appointed Mr. Chuck Feingold and Mr. Micha Bornstein as Directors of the Company. Details

Vykor Inc. announced the addition of Paul Ross to Vykor's board of directors. Details

* Implementations *
Agile Software Corp. announced that EndoGastric Solutions has deployed Agile Advantage as its corporate PLM solution. Details

BigMachines, Inc. announced that Teradyne Assembly Test Division has selected the BigMachines Lean Front-End platform. Details

Cadence Design Systems (I) Pvt Ltd. announced that KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd. has adopted the Cadence AMS Methodology Kit. Details

Capvidia announced that FlightSafety International has selected Capvidia's 3DTransVidia/SW product to translate large parts and assemblies from CATIA V5 into SolidWorks. Details

CD-adapco announced that VIASYS Healthcare is utilizing CD-adapco's upfront CFD tool STAR-Works. Details

Coastal Logic, Inc. announced that Smith & Nephew has deployed its batch printing solution for their enterprise-wide shop floor printing. Details

CoCreate Software, Inc. announced that Amerequip Corp. is using CoCreate's Model Manager. Details

CoCreate Software announced that Technischen Universitaet Wien selected OneSpace Designer Modeling. Details

CoCreate Software announced that Laudenberg Verpackungsmaschinen has implemented OneSpace Designer Modeling. Details

Dassault Systemes announced that Mecasonic chose Dassault Systemes' PLM Solution. Details

Dassault Systemes announced that CATIA V5 played a crucial role in increasing product development efficiency on the Ford Fusion program at Ford Motor Company. Details

Dassault Systemes announced that IPECO has recently added 15 more seats of CATIA V5 and ENOVIA SmarTeam. Details

Enginuity announced that professional beauty industry leader Zotos International Inc. has selected Enginuity software (formerly FWS) to optimize its research and product development operations. Details

Fakespace Systems Inc. announced that it provided a PowerWall to a visualization center in North Wales. Details

Fakespace Systems Inc. announced it has been awarded the contract to upgrade the C6, a six-sided virtual reality room at Iowa State University's Virtual Reality Applications Center. Details

Ingenuus Software Inc. announced that Teledyne Technologies has agreed to a corporate pricing schedule to be used by all its divisions worldwide. Details

McLaren Software announced that Weyerhaeuser has extended its license for the Enterprise Engineer application suite. Details

McLaren Software announced that Washington Group International Inc. will deploy its Enterprise Engineer application suite. Details

MSC.Software Corp. announced that Shanghai Automotive Engineering Academy has selected MSC.Software's integrated enterprise software solutions to enable product lifecycle management (PLM). Details

Mystic Management Systems announced that Taconic Farms chose ensurDCS. Details

SolidWorks Corp. announced that a West Coast development team used SolidWorks software to design and analyze a new seat that could double the safety of cars in head-on collisions. Details

SolidWorks Corp. announced that Bowe Bell + Howell is using SolidWorks software. Details

SolidWorks Corp. announced that a Norwegian industrial design firm used SolidWorks software to design an innovative incubator. Details

TechniGraphics and IDe announced that Amcor PET Packaging has deployed an integrated PLM solution. Details

Technia announced it signed an agreement with FlexLink AB concerning the delivery of a prototype for a full PLM solution. Details

UGS Corp. announced Northrop Grumman Ship Systems standardized on Tecnomatix software for all ship programs. Details

UGS Corp. announced that Peguform has expanded its use of Tecnomatix software. Details

UGS Corp. announced that Roehm GmbH has expanded its use of Solid Edge software. Details

UGS Corp. announced that RDSO has selected NX and NX Nastran. Details

UGS Corp. announced that Sandvik Mining and Construction has selected Teamcenter software as the backbone for its PLM program. Details

UGS Corp announced that JCB is using its NX digital product development system to design and develop the JCB444-LSR diesel engine. Details

Visiprise, Inc. announced it has entered into an agreement with Prodrive to provide support functions for the company's major customers in the electronics industry. Details

* Developments *
Bentley Systems, Inc. unveiled ProjectWise StartPoint, an entry-level collaboration tool, based on Microsoft Office SharePoint technologies, for MicroStation and AutoCAD users. Details

Boothroyd Dewhurst, Inc. announced DFMA 2006, a new version of the company's Design for Manufacture and Assembly software. The software contains new versions of both modules in the integrated DFMA suite: DFA Version 9.3, and DFM Concurrent Costing Version 2.2. Details

CAD Schroer Group announced that its personal use version of MEDUSA4 CAD software is now available on Linux. Details

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced it has expanded its Reference Methodology flow support of ARM processors. Details

Delcam announced the latest release of ArtCAM Pro, version 9. Details

Exostar announced its CertiPath 'Trusted Bridge' went live. Details

iKnowledge Solutions, Inc. announced the release of Desktop. Details

FullTilt Solutions, Inc. announced the release of Perfect Product Suite 5.4. Details

Informative Graphics Corp. announced its line of Brava! content visualization and Net-It content publishing products will directly support Microsoft XML Paper Specification (XPS). Details

Inivis Limited announced the release of AC3D 6. Details

The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium announced IntelliCAD 6.2. Details

InterSpec, Inc. announced the release of the new 3.1 version of e-SPECS. Details

JETCAM International announced the release of version 8 of its component assembly order management software - JETCAM Orders Controller. Details

MBG Solutions announced Block Controller for AutoCAD Version 13.72. Details

Mentor Graphics Corp. announced its Questa verification solution. Details

Mentor Graphics Corp. announced the availability of a range of integrations with its CHS tool suite and UGS solutions in the area of Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD) and Product Data Management (PDM) applications. Details

Mentor Graphics Corp. announced that its suite of advanced synthesis products supports the newly introduced Virtex-5 FPGAs from Xilinx, Inc. Details

Metris announced the launch of the LK Libero. Details

Oce unveiled the Oce TCS300 large format color and monochrome CAD inkjet printer. Details

Open Text Corp. unveiled a platform for enterprise content management (ECM). Details

Opticore announced its Real-time Ray-tracing solution for Opus Realizer & Opus Studio scheduled for release later this year. Details

R&B announced the release of MoldWorks 2006 SP1.1 for SolidWorks 2006. Details

Share-A-space announced the release of Share-A-space 5.1. Details

SYCODE announced the launch of MeshCAD for Rhino. Details

TechniCon released version 5.0 of CustomCommerce, its platform for delivering product data on the Web. Details

UGS Corp. announced it is offering a new solution for PLM reporting and analytics as part of its Teamcenter software portfolio. The new offering is the result of an agreement with eQ Technologic Inc. that enables UGS to promote and sell the eQube business intelligence and analytics software product. Details

 Product Lifecycle
 Management: Paradigm for 21st Century Product Realisation

VX Corp. announced the addition of ReadySketch. Details

Zuken announced the launch of starturn, a part list management add-on tool for CADSTAR. Details

* Relationships *
Creative Products Company announced it will manage the sales, marketing, and product development of the Metrolosys inspection software product line. Details

Formtek announced an agreement with Oracle Corp. to join its Oracle PartnerNetwork Program for the distribution of ASFU Oracle database software. Details

ICAM Technologies Corp. announced a Strategic Marketing Agreement with DMG America. Details

IHS announced an alliance with Quadrem to sell the IHS Intermat Solutions suite of data cleansing and standardization services. Details

IMS Software announced nine new resellers in Eastern Europe. Details

QAD Inc. and NetRegulus, Inc. announced they have entered into a partnership agreement to deliver joint solutions to the life sciences marketplace. Details

Sheet Metal Guy, LLC announced that it has been accepted as a Solution Partner by SolidWorks Corporation. Details

UGS announced that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has joined the UGS Partner Program as a UGS System Integration Alliance Partner. Details

* Other *
AIIM announced "State of the ECM Industry: Moving from Why? To How?: The Maturing of ECM Users (Executive Summary)" Details

ALGOR, Inc. announced that ALGOR V19.1 features all-new support for the 64-bit HP-UX operating system. Details

Altair Engineering, Inc. announced that it has opened a second Altair China office in Beijing. Details

PLM Summit

aPriori announced that it has been named as a finalist for the Annual MITX Technology Awards. Details

Ariba, Inc. announced that it has attained 'Powered by SAP NetWeaver' status for the Ariba Supplier Network. Details

Astoria Software announced that it has been named one of KM World's Top 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management. Details

Corporate Montage announced its decision to dedicate development on solutions focusing on engineering CAD standards. Details

Exostar announced it broke the $20 billion mark for volume across its secure business network in 2005. Details

Geomagic announced that it has been issued a U.S. patent for its process of automatically generating 3D digital models from scanned point-cloud data. Details

International TechneGroup Inc. announced that it has been elected to membership in the Association of Equipment Manufacturers. Details

Kubotek USA announced its support for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Chapter 124. Details

LightWork Design announced that the latest release of Jetstream v5 from NavisWorks includes a number of features from LightWork Design. Details

Moldflow Corp. announced a new office in Pune, India. Details

MRO Software announced that it has been named to the "Globe 100" list of top performing public companies in Massachusetts. Details

MSC.Software Corp. announced benchmarks for engine analysis. Details

Mystic Management Systems, Inc. announced it has unveiled its Product Lifecycle Management for Small Business program, PLM-Small Business. Details

PROSTEP announced it makes 3D data accessible to everyone. Details

PTC announced it was recently honored with the Design News Readers' Choice Award for Best Engineering Services / Technical Support. Details

SPEC/GPC's OpenGL Performance Characterization (SPECopc) project group released SPECviewperf 9. Details

The SolidExperts officially opened for business. Details

think3 announced it has been selected to work with Honda R&D Co., Ltd. because of its innovative technology such as Global-Shaped Modeling, and the skillful performance of its advanced research and development team led by Alain Massabo, a 35-year veteran to the computer-aided design industry. Details

think3 announced it has been named a winner in the ninth annual "Ten Best Web Support Sites" competition. Details

Tribold announced that Tribold co-founder and CTO Catherine Michel has been elected as Advisory Director to the TeleManagement Forum Board of Directors. Details

UGS Corp. announced the 'SAP Certified Integration' designation has been added to the latest release of its Teamcenter Gateway solution. Details

Z Corp. announced the Spectrum Z 510 high-definition color 3D printer won a Bronze in the 11th Annual Product Design & Development Engineering Awards. Details

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