April 28, 2003

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* Welcome *
Welcome to this issue of 2PLM, an e-zine distributed every two weeks on a free subscription basis. This week's article "EDM/PLM for U.S. DoD Acquisition Programs; People Considerations" is from Mike Dominik, Vice President, NetIDEAS Inc.

* EDM/PLM for U.S. DoD Acquisition Programs; People Considerations *
Since the late 1990s, it has become mandatory for U.S. government DoD acquisition programs to require that corporate prime contractors provide many of the functions of an EDM/PLM solution as part of acquisition programs. A high profile example is the Air Force Joint Strike Fighter Program. In many DoD programs, the EDM/PLM system becomes a core element in an "Integrated Digital Environment" (IDE), a topic included in courses taught at the Defense Systems Management College. When considering three pillars of enterprise EDM/PLM success - People, Process, and Technology - the People component must be addressed continuously. When some of the People are government employees and active duty military personnel, special considerations need to be addressed by the prime contractor and its selection of a project leader.

Organizational considerations when planning an enterprise EDM/PLM system are familiar to many practitioners. But when one of the elements of the enterprise is a government or military agency, corporate practices and culture may not be sufficient. While corporate leaders will usually demand a definable return on investment, an industry-government implementation introduces additional diversity of stakeholder expectations, and requires distinct understanding, communication, and coordination. Because development programs can take years before production begins, and may have a decades-long product life cycle, good planning at the outset can make or break the perception of EDM/PLM success, and become a crucial image factor early in the program. Three principal stakeholder groups need to be addressed:
  • Government civil service employees, especially those in management and scientific leadership roles, are often leading the way in stressful business and technical situations. Because the U.S. Department of Defense has changed its modus operandi during the last decade to reduce rigid MIL-STD requirements, the need for insight, and not oversight, has escalated. This is often provided by the EDM/PLM solution. These civil servants usually include the contract acquisition Program Manager and staff, who may also be responsible for evaluating the performance of the contractor EDM/PLM system. This may be reflected in contractor Award Fee scores, and thus have a direct bearing upon contractor financial rewards. The pressure to meet the expectations of a DoD customer can easily contradict those of corporate leaders, and strain the contractor's ability and willingness to expend unplanned resources for the EDM/PLM implementation.
  • Uniformed service men and women have the best interests of their mission at heart, but they are not always in their job positions for lengthy periods of time (most commonly, I have seen rotations of 18 months or so, although a top-level acquisition manager can be in place for four years). Among this group, there are differences between enlisted and officer personnel that need to be considered, including being sensitive to what they call the 'chain of command'. The open-ended collaboration enabled by EDM/PLM can be uncomfortable for some. Typically very cooperative in adoption and training, they can serve as a positive example and influence for others who may be reticent contributors.
  • Civilian contractors are often used to work either with the civil servants (as a staff supplement) or are contracted to the government program office (as another contractor responsible for delivering a related product). This group may have little motivation to support your EDM/PLM initiative, and need to be thoroughly engaged.
Dealing with this diverse group of non-corporate stakeholders places high demands on a project leader. An important practice is consistency of communication, and doing more listening than talking, just as one would find in planning EDM/PLM for a single large enterprise. But more than usual, this should be combined with strong abilities to communicate and convince, because there are many constituencies with varied and sometimes conflicting interests at play. The pervasiveness of an EDM/PLM system, with many users outside the corporate firewall, will expose weaknesses not broached within a single organization. Don't delegate the project leader role to a technical expert; pick someone who can deal with Admirals and Generals as easily as the CAD designer. At the outset, the ability to handle inter-organizational people issues is even more important than technical skills. The EDM/PLM project leader's ability to be strong in vision, yet flexible to suggestions is important in resolving issues related to requirements and expectations. It is essential that Contractors appoint an EDM/PLM project leader who can sell the project strategy, and who can lead change with the varied people represented across the program. It is far better to have someone who is familiar with the vernacular of these constituent people than someone who can recite EDM/PLM technical jargon.

For more information
Mike Dominik, Vice President, NetIDEAS Inc can be reached at mike.dominik@netideasinc.com.

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* Corporate *
Imaginestics announced that it has acquired WeToolIT, Inc, a developer of software products and services for the tooling industry. Details

* Financial *
AVEVA Group plc announced that it expects profits for the financial year to 31 March 2003 to be within the range of current market expectations. Details

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced total revenue for the first quarter of 2003 of $256 million. Details

Commerce One announced financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2003. Revenues for the current quarter totaled $13.1 million as compared with $31.8 million for the corresponding quarter in 2002 and $19.5 million for the quarter ended December 31, 2002. Details

Dassault Systemes reported financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2003. In comparison to the first quarter of 2002 total revenue decreased 7%. Details

Geometric Software Solutions announced that consolidated revenues for the year ended 31st March 2003 increased by 32.33 %. Details

Hummingbird Ltd. reported its unaudited consolidated results for the second quarter ended March 31, 2003. Details

MSC.Software Corp. announced financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2003. Revenues for the quarter were $85.1 million, a 28% increase. Details

Mentor Graphics Corporation reported first quarter 2003 revenues of $159.3 million. Details

Moldflow Corporation announced the results for its third fiscal quarter ended March 29, 2003. Third quarter revenues of $9.5 million increased 6% sequentially from the prior quarter and were unchanged from the corresponding quarter of fiscal 2002. Details

Open Text Corporation announced financial results for its third quarter ended March 31, 2003. Total revenue for the quarter was $44.0 million. Details

PTC reported revenue totaling $171.0 million for the second quarter ended March 29, 2003, compared with $179.9 million for the same period last year. Details

SAP AG announced its preliminary financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2003. Total revenues for the first quarter of 2003 were down 8% to Euro1.5 billion (2002: Euro1.7 billion). Details

* People *
Ariba, Inc. announced the appointment of Mr. Leo Keeley as vice president and general manager of Ariba's Asia Pacific business operations. Details

Avatech Solutions appointed Eric Pratt as its new President and Chief Operating Officer. Details

 Autovue - from Cimmetry Systems, Inc.

Download AutoVue from Cimmetry Systems

Proficiency announced the addition of Susan Walter as director of sales. Details

* Implementation *
Agile Software Corporation announced that Lucent Technologies, a leading global supplier of communications networking equipment, has completed a major expansion of its Agile enterprise product lifecycle management platform through the addition of the Agile Product Cost Management solution. Details

Centric Software, Inc. announced that Siemens AG has increased its deployment of Centric Software's Innovation solutions with a substantial follow-on order. Details

Eigner announced that is has been awarded a $2 million contract from Siemens Automation and Drives, a leading worldwide supplier of automation and drive systems for the discrete manufacturing and process industries. Details

Formation Systems announced that RPM Wood Finishes Group has deployed the Optiva Requests module to improve the process of delivering customers the new products they request. Details

PTC announced that United Defense Industries, Inc.'s Armament Systems Division has purchased 900 seats of PTC's Windchill for product lifecycle management (PLM). Details

Realization Technologies announced that Daimler Chrysler has selected its Concerto multi project management software. Details

Realization Technologies announced that The Goal Institute has purchased its Concerto software to manage client project implementations. Details

* Developments *
ALGOR, Inc. announced that its InCAD technology for direct CAD/CAE data exchange now includes full associativity with each design change for Autodesk Inventor, Pro/ENGINEER, Solid Edge and SolidWorks. Details

Alibre Inc. announced the latest release of its low-cost design application, Alibre Design 6.0, as well as a new advanced application, Alibre Design Professional. Details

Autodesk, Inc. announced the immediate availability of Autodesk Inventor Series 7 software and the upcoming availability of the Autodesk Streamline 5 manufacturing collaboration service this summer. Details

BetaSphere announced the availability of a new solution - the BetaSphere Feedback Management Server for Implementation Management. Details

Cyco Software announced that AutoManager Meridian 2003a and AutoManager TeamWork 2003a are ready for shipping. Details

Endeca announced Version 3.5 of the Endeca Navigation Engine. Details

Processia Solutions announced the availability of VPMWired, an integration solution to integrate Enovia VPM with other PLM/ERP applications like EDS Teamcenter. Details

Spicer Corporation, a world leader in developing universal document viewing, markup, editing, and scanning software announced the release of Imagenation 7.2. Details

* Relationships *
Agile Software Corporation and Global Information Business, an Arrow Electronics, Inc. business unit, announced a joint development, marketing and access partnership in which the two companies will work together to combine Agile's Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions with the Global Information Business' Ubiquidata electronic components database. Details

Cadence Design Systems, Inc. announced the next step in its alliance with Xilinx Inc. with complete support for the new Spartan-3 platform FPGAs. Details

Engineous Software, Inc., announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Engineous and Simmetrix Inc. Details

Intergraph announced that the Chiyoda Corporation of Japan and the Process, Power and Offshore division of Intergraph Corporation have signed a long term contract for implementation and development of global information management and project engineering software. Details

MSC.Software Corp. announced the signing of a new agent agreement with long time Spanish business partner Analisis y Simulacion. Details

QUMAS announced the extension of its development and support agreement with Documentum. Details

Spatial Corp. and Fluent announced that Fluent's GAMBIT 2.1 preprocessor, due for general release within the next month, includes native CATIA V4 translation. Details

Spatial Corp. and PROSTEP AG announced that PROSTEP has become a new Spatial Component Application Architecture (CAA) V5 Adopter and is planning to integrate their product suite into the Dassault Systemes V5 environment. Details

* Other *
Alibre Inc. announced a new schedule of affordable customer support services for Alibre Design customers. Details

Alibre Inc. is offering extended six-month free trials of Alibre Design to users in regions affected by the SARS disease: China, Taiwan, Singapore and the Toronto, Canada area. Details

EDS and Alabama Governor Bob Riley announced a sweeping program giving every technical student in the state access to the latest manufacturing and design software. Details

Firepond, Inc. announced a series of restructuring actions designed to reduce its global operating expenses and further preserve the company's cash balance. Details

QAD Inc. announced it is positioned as the only "Challenger" in Gartner's ERP II Discrete-Manufacturing, Midmarket Magic Quadrant. Details

Surfware, Inc., maker of SURFCAM CAD/CAM Systems, announced their newly enhanced Internet-based training facility for SURFCAM CAD/CAM Systems users, referred to as SURFCAM eTraining. Details

Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. announced it has been included in Gartner's latest Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Magic Quadrant. Details

Verity Inc. announced that its K2 Enterprise software is being used by the Italian government on its citizen portal, www.italia.gov.it. Details

Interested in the results of the survey in the December 16, 2002 issue to help you position your Collaborative Product Development (CPD) priorities against the priorities of others? This is an interesting table .... more in the next issue.

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