August 27, 2001

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* Welcome *
Welcome to this issue of 2PDM, an e-zine distributed every two weeks on a free subscription basis.

* Real Life *
Among our consulting customers is a medium-sized company that we have worked with for several years. We know it well, having defined many of its processes related to product development and product definition. Recently we heard that it was thinking of implementing PDM. Ever helpful, we offered our services. The offer was declined, the VP of Product Development having decided to implement PDM on his own. We pointed out that implementing PDM was difficult and advised him to get some support.

However, he seemed to think that he had everything he needed to succeed alone. Admittedly he is intelligent and has a good academic and industrial pedigree. An engineer by training, he worked in design, then production, then marketing, before moving to his current position. And he was involved with CAD and PDM implementation with previous employers.

Although we were not asked to provide consulting support, we received many phone calls from the VP. These always started off with discussion of another subject, but then switched to PDM. After a few months the VP told us he was going to start meeting PDM vendors.

Then there was silence for several months. After about six months the VP called and told us 'PDM drives me crazy. I'm putting the project on the back burner for a year'.

We were disappointed to hear this as we had implemented good processes and knew they would benefit from PDM system support.

Once we had recovered from the initial disappointment, we asked the VP a few questions to find out what the problem was. There were two main issues. One of them was related to the approach of some PDM system vendors and the other was related to the organization and culture of his company.

Among the reasons related to PDM system vendors were :
  • some of the PDM sales people who visited him didn't know what type of products his company makes
  • some vendors didn't listen to his needs, but only tried to sell their systems
  • some vendors couldn't demonstrate anything more than basic functionality - he was always being promised he would see more functionality during the next visit
  • many vendors weren't able to do a simple demo of his environment
  • some vendors didn't want him to visit companies actually using their systems - several times he was told that PDM was seen by these companies as a strategic tool, and they didn't want their competitors to learn about it
  • when vendors eventually proposed he could visit companies actually using their systems, he found out that they were doing little more than file management, drawing management or list management
  • some vendors initially talked of 'out-of-the box' solutions and 'going live in less than a month' but once he went into more detail with them he heard of many man-months of customization and roll-out over several years
  • some vendors put major restrictions on the environments they could actually support. If he wanted their solution he would need to use CAD system XYZ Version R2.17, ERP system ABC Version 4 and operating system WV Version Y.P
  • some vendors proposed new technologies as a benefit and told him how Big 3 automakers were benefiting from them, but when he pointed out he wasn't a Big 3 automaker they weren't able to tell him how these new technologies would change his PDM cost-justification calculations
  • many vendors claimed they provided CPC solutions but couldn't explain if their PDM system was a CPC solution or not, or if he would need a CPC solution in addition to PDM
Among the reasons related to the company's organization and culture that led him to put PDM on the back burner were :
  • none of his colleagues in the Management team would accept that implementing PDM, a simple product data management application, was going to use lots of people, take years to implement and be unbelievably expensive. They all claimed that if a project didn't have a payback of less than 18 months it shouldn't be started
  • the CEO and the CFO had supported the lengthy and costly implementation of ERP for years, but he got the feeling they would never give that kind of support for implementation of PDM
  • he wanted to move up the ladder, and didn't want to be held back by a non-performing project
  • he didn't think he had the people to manage a project the size of PDM, and would need several months to hire a good person
  • he didn't think his people were capable of using PDM so he would need to organize special training for them
When we pointed out that millions of people were using PDM in thousands of companies he didn't look too pleased - so we didn't bother to point out that if he had accepted our offer of support he would have saved himself a lot of pain and not wasted 12 months making no progress. Now we're waiting for him to restart the project.

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Web-based View-Markup from Spicer Corporation

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* Corporate *
3D Systems Corp. announced that the initial offer period of its tender offer to purchase all of the outstanding shares of common stock of DTM Corporation expired Friday, Aug. 17, at midnight Eastern time. Following the expiration, the preliminary results of the tender offer show that the shares tendered totaled 6,621,914, representing approximately 93% of the outstanding shares of DTM common stock.

3D Systems Corp. announced it has signed a letter of intent to acquire Rapid Prototyping Chemicals (RPC) Ltd. of Marly, Switzerland. RPC is an independent supplier of stereolithography resins.

i2 Technologies, Inc. announced that its acquisition of RightWorks Corporation, formerly an Internet Capital Group partner company, has been completed.

PlanetCAD Inc. announced the acquisition of eCAS, a supply chain productivity technology developed by CastaLink. PlanetCAD will integrate this technology with existing proprietary technologies for communication of high-quality engineering design data throughout the supply chain.

SAP AG announced it has received all necessary approvals from U.S. antitrust authorities for its additional investment in Commerce One and the acquisition has been closed.

Ventro Corporation announced the completion of its acquisition of NexPrise, Inc., a provider of collaborative commerce solutions.

* Financial *
Agile Software Corporation announced financial results for the first quarter of fiscal year 2002, which ended July 31, 2001. Total revenues for the first quarter of fiscal 2002 were $23.3 million, compared to total revenues of $15.8 million for the same period in fiscal 2001, representing an increase of 48%.

Altris Software reported results of operations for its fiscal third quarter ended June 30, 2001. Total revenues for the three and nine months ended June 30, 2001 were $3.1 million and $9.3 million, respectively, compared to $1.7 million and $5.0 million for the three and nine months ended June 30, 2000.

Autodesk, Inc. announced financial results for its second quarter ended July 31, 2001. Autodesk reported net revenues of $231 million for the second quarter of fiscal year 2002 compared to $233 million for the second quarter of fiscal year 2001.

Hewlett-Packard Company reported financial results for its third fiscal quarter ended July 31, 2001. The company reported third quarter revenue of $10.1 billion, compared to $11.8 billion in last year's third quarter, a decrease of 14% (10% before the effects of foreign currency).

Open Text Corporation announced financial results for its fourth quarter and fiscal year ending June 30, 2001. Total revenue for the quarter was $40.5 million, and $147.7 million for the fiscal year. Revenue for fiscal 2001 was up 31% over fiscal 2000.

PlanetCAD Inc. announced financial results for its second fiscal quarter and six-month period ended June 30, 2001. Total second quarter revenue advanced 177% to $377,000 versus revenue of $136,000 in the second quarter last year.

* People *
Alias|Wavefront announced that it has launched a new Global Customer Services (GCS) division dedicated to streamlining services and providing consulting and training to its customers worldwide. James Christopher is Director of the new GCS division. announced that research scientist Sean Callahan has joined its advisory board.

Centric Software, Inc. announced the most recent addition to its executive management team, Richard Wolinski, the new senior vice president of sales and professional services.

Documentum announced that former Oracle Corporation regional director Monte Wilson will head the company's expanding government marketplace initiative as regional vice president of government operations.

 Autovue - from Cimmetry Systems, Inc.

Download AutoVue from Cimmetry Systems

Innoveda, Inc. announced the appointment of David F. Rhodes as vice president of The Americas Sales, responsible for guiding all of Innoveda's direct and indirect sales activities in the Americas.

QUMAS Inc. announced that former Gartner Research Director Alan Weintraub will join the company as Chief Technical Officer.

Staffware announced that it has promoted Robert Glenn as Managing Director of its UK Region. Rob will be responsible for overseeing Staffware's business operations in the UK and Ireland.

Tecnomatix Technologies, Ltd. announced the appointment of Israel Levy as Chief Executive Officer of Tecnomatix-Unicam, the company's subsidiary responsible for delivering solutions to the electronics industry.

* Implementation *
AIM systems GmbH announced the implementation of COMPASS 2000 pro at Pfleiderer AG. The implementation will be supported by TuR EDV-Kontor, Gundelfingen.

Alias|Wavefront announced that Alias|Wavefront StudioTools software was used to design the new John Deere Spin-Steer Technology tractor.

Quickturn announced the first sale of its CoBALT Ultra Design Verification System to Unisys. Unisys chose CoBALT Ultra to help its designers develop the company's next generation of Cellular Multiprocessing Servers.

Documentum announced that McDATA Corporation has chosen Documentum 4i Web Content Management Edition to support a three-phase roll out of Web-based portals for resellers, employees and customers.

LASCOM announced that Nooter/Eriksen, a supplier of Natural Circulation Heat Recovery Steam Generators behind gas turbines, selected Advitium as its solution of choice for automating its drawing release process.

MSC.Software Corporation announced that MSC.Nastran and MSC.Patran were used in the development of the Sarfarazi Innovative Elliptical Accommodative Intraocular Lens.

PTC announced the ongoing commitment to PTC solutions by Construcciones Mecanicas Caballe. Caballe's most recent follow-on order for Pro/ENGINEER software was shipped during PTC's third fiscal quarter (ended June 30, 2001).

UGS announced that it has signed a $1.2 million contract with Strachan & Henshaw. The agreement includes licenses of Unigraphics - UGS' high-end CAD/CAM/CAE suite, i-Man - its Internet-centric collaborative product definition management system, Solid Edge - the company's mid-range mechanical CAD solution, and the Product Vision visualization and collaboration tool.

Ventro Corporation announced that Trelleborg Automotive has completed the initial implementation of the Ventro collaborative commerce solution (formerly known as NexPrise ipTeam) as its primary B2B procurement system for the Americas group.

Workgroup Technology Corporation (WTC) announced that Burleigh Instruments Inc., a manufacturer of precision scientific instrumentation, has selected WTC's ProductCenter collaboration PDM solution.

Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc., developer of XML publishing software, announced that Thomson & Thomson, a Thomson Company, has selected XyEnterprise's XML Professional Publisher 7.0 (XPP), an XML publishing application that composes pages from XML/SGML or other source data and creates high quality output in PDF and Postscript formats.

* Developments *
AIM systems GmbH announced the release of COMPASS 2000 pro for Oracle.

Alias|Wavefront announced it launched PortfolioWall v. 1.5 - a tool that redefines and simplifies the way creative teams review, annotate, collaborate, manage and select visual digital data. PortfolioWall offers a concept of dealing with digital visual data by transforming a large plasma screen into a networked digital corkboard.

Autodesk, Inc. announced the worldwide availability of Autodesk Volo View 2, a web-enabled application for quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively reviewing 2D and 3D digital design.

Cimage NovaSoft announced the release of its new Content Management System, Cimage e3-CM, developed to increase operational efficiency in plants and facilities.

CoCreate Software announced four key technologies, developed in conjunction with R&B Mold and Die Design, that are slated to appear by year's end in a new range of solutions for the plastics industry.

Documentum announced the introduction of Documentum eContent Services for Portals.

Hewlett-Packard Company announced the introduction of massively scalable visualization architecture. The architecture is designed to support customers' needs for interactive visualization of large, complex data sets in a variety of applications, including industrial styling, virtual product design, scientific visualization and defense simulation. HP also introduced the first product based on the architecture: the HP visualization center sv6.

Informative Graphics announced the integration of its Brava! WebKit with the Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform.

MatrixOne, Inc. announced a new enterprise application integration between Autodesk Inventor and eMatrix.

Mentor Graphics Corporation announced the Platform Express environment, an environment for rapidly creating, configuring and verifying platform-based, system-on-chip (SoC) designs.

Océ Document Technologies GmbH announced it will incorporate the archiving system of Saperion AG in its product portfolio, and in return Saperion will include the product DOKuStar in its solutions.

Win a Handspring Visor

PTC announced Windchill PartsLink, an Interactive Product Catalog software solution. Windchill PartsLink allows mechanical and electronic suppliers to publish and distribute rich technical product data, including 3D geometry, via a Net-native interface.

Selectica announced the availability of ACE 5.0, an eBusiness software suite for configuring, pricing and ordering complex, custom-designed products and services across all sales channels.

SGI announced a range of enhancements for SGI Reality Center visualization facility, increasing the level of realism and productivity available to organizations and individuals for group collaboration.

SGI announced that OpenGL Vizserver 1.3, its latest release of SGI Visual Serving technology, is now available via Web download at

SolidWorks Corporation announced SolidWorks Office, a set of 3D CAD tools. SolidWorks Office combines SolidWorks 2001, the company's flagship Windows-based 3D CAD software, and six of the company's most popular add-on applications in one package.

think3 announced the latest release of its flagship 'mass 3-D' design software - thinkdesign 7.0. For thinkdesign 7.0, the primary focus has been on delivering new and enhanced functionality for free-form shape design and further refining the user interface.

UGS announced the immediate availability of Vis Concept version 2.0, its 1:1 human scale immersive virtual prototyping solution.

UGS announced Version 18 of Unigraphics.

Engineering Data Management Newsletter
Download a free review copy of the June 2001 issue of the Engineering Data Management Newsletter (PDF, 339kB).

* Relationships *
3D Systems Corp. announced the severance of its distributor and joint development agreements with Vantico Inc., a subsidiary of Vantico International. 3D Systems has been the exclusive worldwide distributor (except for Japan) of Vantico liquid resins used in stereolithography systems.

ANSYS, Inc. announced it expanded ANSYS product installations in the Asia-Pacific territory by entering into an agreement with United Automotive Electronic Systems, Co., Ltd., a subsidiary branch of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp.

ANSYS, Inc. and Enductive Solutions, Inc. announced a collaborative partnership between the two companies to develop custom-built CAE applications.

Autodesk, Inc. and the UGS e-Factory line of business announced a strategic alliance, formalizing a 10-year relationship focused on the 'virtual factory initiative.' This manufacturing industry effort supports factory design in a full, 3D environment. The basis of the alliance will be the use of Autodesk Architectural Desktop as the foundation for the UGS FactoryCAD product.

Cypress Corporation announced it has signed a global OEM agreement with Datawatch Corporation, a provider of business intelligence/ enterprise reporting, data transformation and support center solutions.

FileNET Corp. and TrueArc announced that their integrated solution - FileNET's Panagon Content Services 5.1.1 and TrueArc's Foremost Enterprise 2.0 - has been tested and certified compliant with the DoD 5015.2-STD, the U.S. Department of Defense standard for electronic recordkeeping systems (ERS).

LASCOM announced the signing of a global strategic business relationship with Informative Graphics Corporation.

MatrixOne, Inc. and gedas announced that they have extended their alliance to bring a new level of collaborative product commerce to global companies by providing e-business solutions and services for management of the entire product lifecycle.

Océ-U.S.A. announced that it has added three new independent dealers (CSU L.L.C., of Overland Park, KS; Informatique Comtel, of Quebec City and Minneapolis-based Metro Sales Inc.) to its Document Printing Systems' (DPS) dealer network.

PCO Technologies announced that in addition to strong partnership relations with PTC and SDRC it is pursuing its efforts to build strong partnerships with other vendors such as Dassault Systemes and SAP AG in the CAE/CAD, PLM environment.

PTC and the Structured Content unit of Hearst Business Media announced that Structured Content will provide third party data engineering and catalog hosting services for interested customers who implement PTC's Windchill PartsLink software.

Scan-Optics, Inc. announced that it has been named a Microsoft Certified Partner.

* Other *
3D Systems Corp. announced it intends to file a response in opposition to a motion requesting an injunction in a lawsuit filed by EOS GmbH of Planegg, Germany, against DTM Corp. In filing its motion, EOS requested the court stop the sale, within the U.S., of Sinterstation systems pending final resolution of the suit that EOS initiated in December 2000 prior to 3D Systems' acquisition of DTM Corp. The suit asserts infringement of patents for laser sintering licensed by 3D Systems to EOS.

Alias|Wavefront announced a "Back-to-School" promotion for K-12 and higher education students who purchase the company's family of StudioTools CAID (computer-aided industrial design) software. Qualified students may purchase a fully functional, one-year license of DesignStudio, Studio or AutoStudio for $199 USD.

Altair Engineering, Inc. announced the opening of its Altair France office. The facility is located in Issy les Moulineaux, near Paris. Mauro Guglielminotti will be the driving force behind the France office.

CADKEY Corporation announced their new CADKEY Academic Corporate Sponsor Program in partnership with Tech Ed Concepts, Inc. (Pembroke, NH), CADKEY North American Academic Distributor. Under the new program, CADKEY Corporation will donate one academic CADKEY license to the CADKEY customer's school of choice for each new commercial domestic seat of CADKEY that a company purchases.

CoCreate Software, Inc. announced that a new CD-sound-quality wireless headset that will appear in 2002 DaimlerChrysler minivans was the subject of a case study that helped APTEC and CoCreate Software, Inc. earn a top 10 customer/vendor pairs spot in a recent Aberdeen Group study "Collaborative Product Commerce 2001: What Works." APTEC is a supplier to Recoton, a consumer electronics company providing overall headset design and manufacturing services for Alpine, a DaimlerChrysler tier-one vendor.

EPM Technology announced that during the latest phase of the BARBi project, the first generation of tools and browsers necessary to populate and browse the BARBi library were developed using EPM's EXPRESS Data Manager combined with spreadsheets developed in the EPISTLE project and Java Server Page technology for web publishing.

Framework Technologies announced that it has been named to the prestigious New England Technology Fast 50 Program, an annual ranking of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in the area.

MSC.Software Corp. announced that MSC.Linux cluster operating system is now supported by science + computing ag VENUS system administration software.

PCO Technologies announced the strengthening of its international operations. Following the opening of the Italian office, an office is opening in Montreal, Canada.

Staffware announced that it is now shipping full support for the WfXML interoperability standard of the Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC).

STEP Tools, Inc. announced the company will participate in the STEP-NC Public Seminar held on Friday, September 14, 2001 at EMO 2001, the world's largest machine tool fair (Hannover, Germany).

The U.S. Product Data Association (US PRO), the Association For Enterprise Integration (AFEI), and PDES, Inc. announced that they have partnered to co-sponsor and provide a special session titled STEP Technology - "Where are We Today?" at the 21st Century Commerce International EXPO on September 12, 2001. The EXPO is taking place at the Phoenix Civic Plaza September 10-13, 2001. The full conference schedule is available on-line at

UGS announced that it has received ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 9001: 2000/TickIT global certification for its Unigraphics, Solid Edge, i-Man and Parasolid products.

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