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* Welcome *
Welcome to this issue of 2PDM, an e-zine distributed every two weeks on a free subscription basis.

* Of DPD and PLM *
In the previous issue, we commented on the difficulty of finding out more about the apparent existence of an $18 billion PLM market in 2001, and promised to introduce Digital Product Definition (DPD) in this issue.

On the subject of the $18 billion PLM market, readers provided conflicting definitions. Most of the definitions included Product Data Management (PDM) and Visualization, so appear related to collaborative Product Definition management (cPDm), evaluated by CIMdata as a $2.86 billion market in 2000.

In addition to PDM and Visualization, the various PLM definitions sometimes included CAD systems, CAM systems, parts of ERP systems, viewing, project management, Configuration Management, EDM and collaborative workspace systems.

One reader informed us that the $18 billion figure is an over-estimate, the 'correct' figure being $15.2 billion, arrived at by summing $6.2 billion for Mechanical CAD, $2.4 billion for e-manufacturing, $2.6 billion for Product Data Management, and $4.0 billion for Collaborative Product Commerce.

However, without a unique definition of the meaning of PLM, no figure can be considered as more correct than any other.

Some readers asked if it really mattered what the PLM market size was or whether it even existed. We turned to industry-watcher Dick Bourke for an answer to that as he has written on acronyms for the 'Midrange Enterprises' magazine. Here are some of his thoughts:

There are two value propositions, or audiences, for considering new acronyms and fresh definitions:
  • Individuals and companies that need to properly estimate the future potential of the various market sectors. The primary beneficiaries here are software firms and investors, not directly buyers of software.
  • 'User' companies developing a strategy as an essential first step to software evaluation and selection. Sure, it must be confusing to individual companies to see that every research and consulting firm has an acronym. But, look on the bright side: the acronym glass (with accompanying definitions) is half full and provides lots of raw material for a company's definition process. As mentioned in the April 10, 2000 issue of 2PDM: 'it doesn't matter what a company calls its strategy as long as the definition is agreed upon within the company.'
I have stressed for years to clients that the company, not the software vendor, needs to create the frame of reference, i.e., definitions, etc., for proper software evaluation.

My perception is that the primary source of 'system disasters' often comes down to lack of clear-cut expectations on both sides of the buyer-seller equation before the sale and subsequent implementation. A recent example provided me a stark reminder. Implementation was a disaster. Buyer and seller went to arbitration. Buyer expected something different from what seller proposed - a case of lack of clear-cut expectations.

Digital Product Definition (DPD)
In most engineering and manufacturing companies there is (and has been for the last hundred years) a clear split of work between people who define a product and its related processes (such as production, support and use), people who manufacture a product, people who sell a product, people who look after the human resources and people who look after the financial resources. Each group of people creates the environment that will best help it to meet its targets.

Digital Product Definition is the acronym that describes the role of people who define the product and its related processes in today's digital environment. The Digital Product Definition environment includes DPD processes, DPD systems, DPD methodologies, DPD information and DPD standards.

DPD processes include:
  • Planning the product and its position in the product family and/or product range
  • Creating the detailed definition of a new product. Creating the detailed definition of the related processes for a new product.
  • Modifying/changing the detailed definitions of an existing product and its processes
  • 'Killing' the product
DPD information includes:
  • Customer-related information such as requirements and complaints
  • Product structure information such as Bills of Materials and product configurations showing which parts and assemblies go into the product
  • Very detailed specifications of, for example, each part and assembly, and each manufacturing line and machine
  • Information specifying the related processes such as routings, NC programs, process sheets, maintenance manuals and user manuals
  • Results of various tests and simulations of products, parts and processes
DPD systems are the application systems that people use in DPD processes to work with DPD information. They fall into two categories:
  • Systems mainly focused on one particular DPD activity (e.g. systems such as requirements management, CAD, DFM, CAE, FEA, NC programming, routing definition, plastic behavior analysis, nesting, Configurators, Rapid Prototyping, Factory Simulation, PLC programming, geometry modeling kernels, parts library management)
  • Support systems that are used in many activities (e.g. systems such as viewers, QFD, process mapping, project management, Configuration Management, EDM, PDM, visualization, collaborative workspace systems, data exchange and translation, technical publishing)
The second category of DPD systems includes systems that may be used at any stage of the product life cycle - not just at the beginning of the life cycle when the product and related processes are defined, but also later in the lifecycle during product manufacturing, sales, installation, use and service.

On the other hand, the systems in the first category are only used in the definition of a product and its related processes.

Reading this you may be thinking, sure but we all know that. Yes, you do, and it's that ease of understanding which makes DPD widely acceptable.

DPD is a useful concept for people who define the product and its related processes. It helps them understand and classify their current situation, identify gaps and make improvement plans.

DPD is also a useful concept for vendors who sell or intend to sell systems and services to people who define products and their related processes. It helps them understand where and on what they will focus their development and sales efforts. It helps them understand if they want to sell a complete range of integrated DPD products, or only sell specific products and/or services. Once they have defined their mission, vision and strategy, vendor management can structure the company, make appropriate appointments and implement plans. Although this may sound easy and obvious, the behavior of many DPD vendors in the last few years shows that it is actually extremely difficult to successfully put into practice.

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Web-based View-Markup from Spicer Corporation

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* Corporate *
Commerce One, Inc. and SAP AG announced an expansion of their alliance in which SAP has agreed to make a substantial additional investment in Commerce One of up to $225 million. Following the investment, SAP will own approximately 20 percent of Commerce One outstanding common stock, including the Commerce One shares already owned by SAP.

MSC.Software Corp. announced that it has filed a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a public offering of 3,500,000 shares of common stock to be offered by the company.

MS2, Inc. announced that it has secured $20 million in its fourth round of financing, led by Bowman Capital Management. The latest investment brings MS2's total financing to date to $51.5 million.

Quillion Ltd. announced the formation of Datanomic Ltd. which will specialize in developing software solutions for the auditing and cleansing of database content.

3D Systems Corp. and DTM Corp. announced that they have agreed to extend the expiration date of the tender offer for all the outstanding shares of common stock of DTM until midnight Eastern Daylight time on Tuesday, July 10, 2001. 3D Systems and DTM agreed to extend the tender offer in part to pursue a possible settlement of the civil action filed by the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice on June 6, 2001.

* Financial *
CADCENTRE Group plc announced its audited results for the year ended March 31, 2001. Turnover for the year rose 18% to £28.1m (2000 : £23.9m).

Ingenuus Corporation reported second quarter and year-to-date revenues of $514,000 and $1,221,000 respectively, compared with $1,276,000 and $1,586,000 for the corresponding periods last year.

* People *
Cadcentre announced the appointment of Paul DeStephano as vice president sales for North America. He joins Cadcentre from Bentley Systems' Engineering Information Management Business Unit.

Flomerics Group plc announced it has opened a new regional office in Sweden - Flomerics Nordic AB. Lena Evander, newly appointed Regional Manager, will head up the Flomerics Nordic AB office.

Hibbitt, Karlsson & Sorensen, Inc., developer of ABAQUS, announced that Mark Goldstein will become President and Chief Executive Officer of HKS. Mark has spent most of his career to date at SDRC. David Hibbitt will continue as chairman of HKS's board of directors.

Ingenuus Corporation announced that Mike Carroll, president and CEO, has been elected Chairman of the Board of Directors. Carroll, a member of the Board of Directors since joining Ingenuus in October, 1999, replaces Dr. Conrad Dell'Ocra, who retired as Chairman in May, 2001.

 Autovue - from Cimmetry Systems, Inc.

Download AutoVue from Cimmetry Systems

PTC announced the appointment of Jim Heppelmann as chief technology officer and executive vice president, software products. Heppelmann will be responsible for the strategic vision and execution of PTC's MCAD and Windchill solutions.

Trilogy announced the appointment of David R. Phillips to vice president and general manager of its newly formed Communications Business division. The new business division provides product management, configuration and sales acceleration solutions to communications equipment and service providers.

Verity, Inc., a provider of infrastructure software powering enterprise and e-commerce portals as well as e-business applications, announced the election of Dr. Prabhakar Raghavan to the position of Vice President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

* Implementation *
Ariba Inc. announced that the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) selected the Ariba Commerce Services Network (Ariba CSN) and Network Connect program to drive supplier adoption to the DoD EMALL, the agency's internal marketplace and procurement system.

Autodesk, Inc. announced that Applied Films, a provider of thin film coated glass and thin film coating equipment for the flat panel display industry, purchased Autodesk Inventor software for the design of custom machinery at its Longmont, CO operation.

Autodesk, Inc. announced that Japan-based Dainippon Screen Mfg., a leader in semiconductor, LCD, and PCB manufacturing equipment, has signed an agreement to standardize on Autodesk Inventor to improve processes and reduce costs in its Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Division. Implementing up to 300 seats this year, Dainippon Screen Mfg. plans to purchase approximately 700 licenses of Autodesk Inventor software during the next few years.

CoCreate announced that FCI Electronics, a manufacturer of connectors used in commercial and consumer goods, will use CoCreate's OneSpace collaboration software in its product development operations worldwide.

Cyco Software announced that the Franke Contract Group has chosen AutoManager Meridian as its global Engineering Document Management solution.

Dassault Systemes announced that Stellex Monitor Aerospace, manufacturers of complex aerospace parts, structural components and assemblies have selected CATIA and SmarTeam solutions to build a product lifecycle management infrastructure to seamlessly work with their customers at a more collaborative level.

EADS Matra Datavision announced it has been chosen by Eurocopter to assure the deployment of its Product Data Management in an international context. Dassault Systemes' ENOVIA VPM is the tool of choice for this project.

Informative Graphics Corp. announced its Brava! view and markup application has been deployed by Assentive (formerly iEngineer.com) to power drawing and image collaboration on its Digital Intellectual Property Management solution.

MatrixOne, Inc. and AT&T Fixed Wireless announced that the MatrixOne eMatrix platform will be implemented to drive product design collaboration and manufacturing execution for AT&T Wireless' fixed wireless technology.

Moldflow Corporation announced that ATS Automation Tooling Systems and Hague Quality Water International have invested in the Moldflow Plastics Insight suite of software. The orders, valued at approximately $150,000 and $110,000 respectively, will ship during Moldflow's fourth fiscal quarter.

Moldflow Corporation announced that Cascade Engineering, a developer and manufacturer of plastics systems and assemblies in the automotive, container, home and office markets, has invested in the Moldflow Plastics Advisers and Moldflow Plastics Insight suites of software. The order, valued at approximately $230,000, will ship during Moldflow's fourth fiscal quarter.

PTC announced it has received an order for $2.1 million from FiatAvio SpA for Windchill software and services.

SDRC announced that TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries), is using Metaphase to manage all product lifecycle data for both its commercial and military customers.

SDRC announced that Laben, a company of Finmeccanica, the largest aerospace group in Italy, uses SDRC's I-DEAS both to design mechanical parts for satellites that track Halley's comet, and to retrieve a satellite that had lost connection with the ground during operation.

Stratasys, Inc. announced it has taken orders for 19 of its new FDM Titan systems since introducing it last month. The Titan builds models from polycarbonate, a high-impact-strength plastic that allows users to perform high-accuracy functional testing.

Tecnomatix Technologies, Ltd. announced that Airbus' UK division has used Tecnomatix eMPower software extensively in its recently completed second phase of Airbus UK's Automated Wing Box Assembly project.

think3 announced that Community Playthings has standardized on think3's 3-D solid and surface modeling software, thinkdesign, for designing its line of children's products, including playground equipment, toys and furniture.

think3 announced that design firm Pininfarina S.p.A. has selected think3's 3-D solid and surface modeling software, thinkdesign 6.0, for automotive and transportation design, from concept through engineering. Pininfarina provides full-service product design services to companies such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Fiat, Honda and Peugeot-Citroen Group, among others.

think3 announced that The Pfaltzgraff Co. selected thinkdesign for aiding in the design and documentation of its tabletop products.

UGS announced that Nanyang Polytechnic, one of Singapore's leading educational institutions, has selected Unigraphics, UGS' CAD/CAM software, as well as Solid Edge, its mid-range MCAD software.

* Developments *
ALGOR, Inc. announced the addition of Timeline, a graphical utility enabling engineers to more quickly and easily specify and visualize time-based events within its transient finite element analysis (FEA) software products.

Alias|Wavefront, an SGI company, announced that it is shipping Maya 4, the sixth major release of its professional 3D animation and visual effects software.

Alibre Inc. announced recent improvements to the Alibre Design service that reflect feedback from enterprise and supply chain customers.

Autodesk, Inc. shipped the first products in its new AutoCAD 2002 product line, the latest generation of its core design software, including three general design and four industry-specific applications. The new applications include Mechanical 6, Mechanical Desktop 6, AutoCAD 2002, AutoCAD LT 2002 and Autodesk CAD Overlay 2002.

Autodesk announced the worldwide availability of the Autodesk OnSite mobile solution for anyone needing remote access to digital design and mapping data. Built for Microsoft Windows CE-based handheld and tablet computing devices, the Autodesk OnSite solution enables design, mapping, and construction professionals to access and mark up detailed design drawings and maps anywhere, anytime.

Auto-trol Technology announced that it is now shipping release 12.1 of its native Microsoft technical illustration product, Tech Illustrator (TI) for Windows NT.

Bentley Systems, Inc. announced the release of ProjectWise Version 3.2, its integrated engineering information management solution.

CADCAM-E.COM announced the introduction of a new translation service, from ACIS- to PARASOLID-based CAD/CAM/CAE systems, which complements the PARASOLID-to-ACIS translation service that the company introduced a few months ago.

Quickturn, a Cadence company, announced the introduction of the Quickturn Palladium design verification system. Palladium is the first in a series of new products that deliver key functionality for the verification of integrated circuits (ICs) and electronic systems.

Cimage NovaSoft announced the release of NovaGMP. This product helps FDA regulated companies, such as pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, to comply with the FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11 for electronic records and signatures.

Commerce One, Inc. announced the immediate availability of Commerce One Collaborative Procurement, the next generation of e-procurement solutions. Collaborative Procurement leverages Enterprise Buyer, a joint solution from SAPMarkets and Commerce One, as well as key collaboration capabilities from Commerce One MarketSite.


Win a Handspring Visor

Dassault Systemes announced the launch of Version 5 Release 7 (V5R7) of CATIA.

Dassault Systemes announced ENOVIA Portal Solutions and Lifecycle Solutions Version 5 Release 7 (V5R7) and ENOVIAVPM Version 1 Release 5.

Delphi Automotive Systems announced that it will launch a supplier portal hosted by Covisint. The portal will enable Delphi to improve supply chain efficiency by enhancing communications and data management with its more than 5,000 global suppliers.

Design Rule Limited announced the general availability in the UK of Smart-Engineer, an integration product connecting PTC's Pro/ENGINEER and SmarTeam's PDM products. Smart-Engineer, which has been developed by Axiom Systems, will be offered throughout the UK and Europe by Design Rule.

Documentum announced new capabilities for global Web content production and delivery with the availability of version 4.2 of Documentum Web Content Management Edition. The WCM Edition provides simple-to-use XML contribution for multi-channel content reuse, localized end-user contribution, and tools to improve Web team productivity. Documentum announced the release of Documentum 4i Web Content Management Edition localized for three major European languages: French, German and Spanish.

FORMTEK, a Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications - Enterprise Solutions U.S. business unit, announced a new version of its FORMTEK:ORION document & content management software application, including new functionality for the CITISOLUTION, WEBPORTAL and DOCDOMAIN modules. FORMTEK:ORION, FORMTEK:ORION CITISOLUTION and FORMTEK:ORION DOCDOMAIN are enhanced maintenance releases while WEBPORTAL replaces WEBGATEWAY.

Framework Technologies announced the release of ActiveProject v2001, the latest enhancement to its collaborative product development software. Key features of ActiveProject v2001 are Executive Dashboard, Project Dashboard and My Page.

IBM announced it extended its collaborative product lifecycle management (PLM) offerings with IBM Aerospace-ServiceAfterSales and IBM Automotive-ServiceAfterSales solutions.

IDEAL Scanners & Systems, Inc. announced it launched WiseImage, a hybrid drawing editor and raster to vector converter for scanned color, monochrome, or grayscale images. It is targeted to the A/E/C, CAD, GIS and Reprographics markets.

IDEAL Scanners & Systems, Inc. announced it introduced the IDEAL/Contex SuperWIDE 40" scanner, the IDEAL/Contex Cougar 25" and 36" Scanners, and the IDEAL/Contex Chameleon 25" and 36" Scanners.

IDEAL Scanners & Systems, Inc. announced it introduced IntraSCAN for ScanOS, enabling network users to use their standard web browsers to find, view, and print their black & white and color scanning jobs.

Informative Graphics announced the release of Brava! Central. Brava! Central enables users to build collaborative websites to share drawings and related documents, and manage the publishing and updating process, eliminating the human oversight associated with creating and updating document sharing websites.

Informative Graphics announced expanded format support and enhanced functionality with the release of MYRIAD 5.1, the latest version of its document, drawing and 3D model view and redline program.

Innoveda, Inc. announced it will unbundle the component applications of its ePlanner Printed Circuit Board signal integrity planning tool suite. Starting with Version 2, the CMS Planview and Scratchpad applications will be licensed and priced individually.

Innoveda, Inc. announced a more powerful version of its Visual Elite tool that enables engineers to design from the system-level down to the Register Transfer Level.

MatrixOne, Inc. announced Engineering Central. The application provides an environment for creating and managing product information and development processes over the Internet.

Moldflow Corporation announced the availability of cavity pressure control technology in Moldflow Plastics Xpert 3.0.

MS2, Inc. announced the latest version of its MS2 Accelerate application. In addition to an out-of-the-box library of best practice templates and processes, MS2 Accelerate 2001 allows users to create customized page views, deliverables, and phase completion reports that reflect the unique aspects of each company's product lifecycle.

PlanetCAD Inc. announced the release of version 4.1 of the Company's flagship PrescientQA software suite. Version 4.1, which incorporates the DesignQA 4.1 application, is now available for CATIA v 4.x.

QUMAS Ltd. and Liquent, Inc. announced the global launch of BioCompliance QL, a new biotechnology industry market offering designed to manage the full compliance lifecycle and publishing requirements for regulatory documentation.

SolidWorks Corporation announced the introduction of its 2001 Super Service Pack, a software upgrade package that streamlines the design process in conjunction with SolidWorks software.

SolidWorks Corporation introduced SolidWorks Utilities, a suite of 3D CAD software tools that streamlines the design editing process in conjunction with SolidWorks software.

Spicer Corporation announced the release of ViewCafé 1.4. This latest release of ViewCafé incorporates Web technologies such as XML, XGL, Java 2 and XML over HTTP architecture. Fully scalable, ViewCafé is capable of load sharing to evenly distribute the workload across as many server machines as required to ensure that all users can quickly access and collaboratively review documents and drawings.

Synergis Technologies, Inc. announced it shipped its Synergis Adept software. Adept, the next generation of Network FileManager 3 (NFM3) document management software, enables designers to locate, modify, and maintain files of documents via a LAN, WAN, or the Internet.

VIDAR Systems Corporation announced the addition of a new scanner to their TruScan product family. The new scanner - the Select Pro - represents the latest technology advances for today's CAD engineering and GIS/Mapping environments.

3D Systems Corp. announced the release of a durable material for its SLA 500 solid imaging system. The new CIBATOOL SL 5440 material mimics the properties of polypropylene, enabling its use for functional-part testing.

Engineering Data Management Newsletter
Download a free review copy of the June 2001 issue of the Engineering Data Management Newsletter (PDF, 339kB).

* Relationships *
Alias|Wavefront announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with mental images, makers of the mental ray renderer. The two companies will work together to develop a mental ray rendering option for Alias|Wavefront's 3D animation and effects software, Maya.

Cimmetry Systems announced that Buzzsaw.com, Inc., a provider of online collaboration and printing applications for the construction industry, will make Cimmetry's AutoVue available to users of its ProjectPoint online collaboration application.

Dassault Systemes and Mechanical Dynamics, Inc. announced the signing of a Component Application Architecture (CAA) V5 development partnership. Through this agreement, Mechanical Dynamics will develop and market a line of Functional Virtual Prototyping (FVP) software under the name of 'Dynamic Designer On CAA V5,' integrating the ADAMS functional simulation engine within the CATIA V5 modelling environment.

Dassault Systemes and IBM announced that IBM will sell the SmarTeam product suite as part of its worldwide PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) portfolio.

EADS Matra Datavision and EADS Cimpa announced the launch of a program of specific engineering services dedicated to sub-contractors and suppliers participating in the A380 program within the framework of an Extended Enterprise relationship.

MatrixOne, Inc. and Siemens Business Services (SBS) announced they have extended their business relationship to form an alliance as part of the SBS Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) practice. SBS will support MatrixOne's eMatrix platform in its catalogue of recommended solutions for CLM.

MSC.Software Corp. announced a deal with Shanghai Automotive Information Industry Investment Ltd. (SAIS), a division of Shanghai Auto Industry Group. Under the terms of the agreement, SAIS will become a reseller of CAE software developed by MSC.Software to auto manufacturers in China.

MSC.Software Corporation announced an agreement with Autodesk, Inc. to provide MSC.Software's Web-based simulation technology and engineering services to Autodesk customers worldwide. This service will be available through Autodesk Point A, Autodesk's online design resource portal, http://pointA.autodesk.com.

MS2, Inc. and KPMG Consulting, Inc. announced an alliance to deliver Product Lifecycle Automation solutions for the global high-tech community.

NexPrise Inc. announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Sun Microsystems, Inc. Under the agreement, NexPrise and Sun will jointly offer collaborative e-business solutions based on the NexPrise ipTeam platform and Sun Enterprise servers.

PTC announced a partnership with Oracle Racing, the San Francisco based challenger for America's Cup 2003. Oracle Racing uses PTC's MCAD solutions, including Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/MECHANICA, to design their two new 75 foot-long America's Cup Class yachts.

Tecnomatix Technologies, Ltd. announced that it has extended its alliance with Information Service International-Dentsu, Ltd. (ISID) in Japan. Under the terms of the new agreement, ISID will distribute eM-TolMate, part of the Tecnomatix eMPower Quality offering, to users of CAD systems in Japan.

* Other *
Ariba, Inc. announced it was named the worldwide market leader for eCommerce applications for 2000. According to the June 2001 IDC report, 'eCommerce Applications Market Forecast and Analysis, 2000-2005,' Ariba leads the market with year 2000 applications revenue of $375 million.

Autodesk, Inc. announced that Autodesk Inventor 4 software won the CADALYST Labs All-Star Award and Autodesk Inventor 3 won the CADENCE Editor's Choice Award.

Ray Bingham, president and CEO of Cadence Design Systems, Inc., defined the company's long-term industry vision, including the need for full cooperation from electronics industry supply chain and design chain companies to solve the next-generation design challenges. The Cadence vision involves combining design technology, services capability and partnerships across the design chain to provide a design infrastructure that enables collaborative product development.

The OpenAccess Community, a group of electronics companies and EDA vendors focused on an effort to provide interoperability among IC design tools, announced that Cadence has entered into a community-source agreement to provide its next-generation Genesis database to the community effort.

Cimmetry Systems announced that AutoVue 15.4 (c1) has been selected by CADALYST magazine as winner of its 'Best of Show' award.

Cyco Software announced that it has received a CADENCE Editor's Choice Award for AutoManager Meridian 2.1. In its July 2001 issue, CADENCE praises the ease of use and unique internet features of AutoManager Meridian.

Digital Paper Corp. announced that it is using a sophisticated ROI model to objectively quantify the value its docQuest post-design collaboration product and services deliver to customers. The model analyzes expenses and operating efficiencies across four key process steps of the company: engineering services, prototyping/scale-up, sourcing and manufacturing.

Documentum announced that the company, along with its client BOC Gases, has won the 2001 RealWare Award for Best Content Management Solution. The RealWare Awards recognize real-world solutions that produce measurable business advantages and innovative uses of information technology in the enterprise.

Documentum announced it has expanded its presence in the EMEA Region with the opening of a new office in Madrid, Spain.

Enabled Systems announced its www site that provides free PDM consultancy for SMEs. The web site can be found at http://pdm4smes.com.

Informative Graphics Corp. announced its MYRIAD view and markup solution has been named 'Editors’ Choice' by Cadence Magazine.

PTC announced it has won the VARBusiness Vertical Limit Award and is named to the VARBusiness 500, the industry's definitive ranking of the top 500 solution providers in North America.

PTC announced the availability of enhanced Web-based Pro/ENGINEER training, including Computer Based Training (CBT) courses designed by CADTRAIN, a supplier of e-learning products.

Scan-Optics, Inc. announced that it has been assigned a patent from the U.S. Patent Office for its Plural Document Detection technology. This technology utilizes ultrasonic energy attenuation to detect more than one piece of paper and is used in the Company's Series 9000 scanner product line for multi-feed detection.

Spatial Corp., a provider of 3D software components, announced the publication of their Annual OEM Partner Fees and Variable Partner Fees on-line at www.spatial.com. The decision to publish their pricing furthers Spatial's goal of expanding the 3D market by allowing partners to better define development costs, one of the largest financial variables in software, during the early stages of development

UGS announced a $6.3 million grant to supply St. Louis Community College with Unigraphics, UGS' CAD/CAM software, as well as training.

Verity, Inc. announced it was ranked fifth in Fortune Small Business magazine's inaugural list of the '100 Fastest Growing' publicly held small businesses in America.

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