May 21, 2001

Volume 3
Number 20

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* Welcome *
Welcome to this issue of 2PDM, an e-zine distributed every two weeks on a free subscription basis.

* A Little Strategy Goes A Long Way *
Everyone knows that strategy is important, but many people would have problems defining what a strategy is without reference to a particular example or environment.

We offer the following generic definition:- "A strategy is a general method for achieving specific objectives. It describes the essential resources and their amounts which are to be committed to achieving those objectives. It describes how resources will be organized, and the policies that will apply for the management and use of those resources."

Note that this definition is equally applicable in the military, corporate, Engineering and Product Development contexts. Historically, most references to strategy were military. The word "strategy" comes from the Greek word for a General, and the study of military strategy goes back thousands of years.

By the 1980's, military strategists were more or less agreed on the following 11 principles of military strategy:- objective; offensive; unity of command/cooperation; concentration of force/effort; economy of force/effort; flexibility; surprise; security; simplicity; maintenance of morale; administration.

Managers developing Product Development, Engineering, CPC and PDM strategies will find it useful to study the list of 11 principles of military strategy and compare it with the principles they apply in the Product Development and Engineering environment. The 11 principles can be briefly explained as follows:
  • Objective. Keep the key objective topmost in mind. Don't be distracted by less important issues.
  • Offensive. A defensive strategy may sometimes be appropriate but, in the long run, victory can only be achieved with an offensive strategy.
  • Unity of command/cooperation. Modern warfare brings together different types of forces - army, navy, air force. To succeed they have to work together under a unified command.
  • Concentration of force/effort. Concentrate forces and aim them against an enemy weak point.
  • Economy of force/effort. Use minimum force to achieve an objective. Additional force is wasted.
  • Flexibility. The strategy should allow forces several options depending on the evolution of events.
  • Surprise. Aim to outwit the enemy, striking when and where least expected.
  • Security. Take action to prevent the enemy achieving surprise.
  • Simplicity. Experience shows complex strategies aren't well-understood, don't get properly implemented, and lead to defeat.
  • Maintenance of morale. Low morale of one's forces or civilians may lead to defeat.
  • Administration. A successful war requires tremendous administrative and logistic support.
Some of these would be written slightly differently in other contexts, for example,
  • Collaboration/cooperation. Modern business brings together different types of forces - customers, Marketing, Engineering, suppliers, Manufacturing. To succeed they have to work together.
  • Simplicity. Experience shows complex product development strategies aren't well-understood, don't get properly implemented, and result in products being late to market.

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* Corporate *
Cadcentre Group plc announced the launch of AVEVA Consulting, its new business consulting company for the process and power industries. announced its name change to Assentive Solutions, Inc. Assentive provides solutions for Global 2000 businesses to manage digital intellectual property in a safe, secure, collaborative environment. The company also announced funding from Intel 64 Fund, LLC, bringing the total amount to more than $30 million.

* People *
Cimage NovaSoft announced the appointment of Heidi Fischer as Senior Project Manager.

FileNET Corporation announced that Martyn Christian, senior vice president, Worldwide Corporate Marketing, was elected to the North American Board of the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) to serve a two-year term.

ImageMax, Inc. announced that David B. Walls has joined the Company as Senior Vice President - Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Walls fills the position vacated by Mark P. Glassman, who was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer in March 2001.

Ingenuus Corporation announced that Dr. Conrad Dell'Oca, a director and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company, has retired as Chairman of the Board but will remain a director of the Company.

Mentor Graphics Corporation announced that Michael Hancock has been hired as the vice president of Sales for the Americas.

* Financial *
Altris Software reported results of operations for its fiscal quarter ended March 31, 2001. Total revenues for the three and six months ended March 31, 2001 were $3.3 million and $6.2 million, respectively, compared to $1.7 million and $3.3 million for the corresponding three and six months ended March 31, 2000.

Autodesk, Inc. announced financial results for its first quarter ended April 30, 2001. Autodesk reported net revenues of $246 million for the first quarter of fiscal year 2002 and growth of 6% compared to $231 million for the first quarter of fiscal year 2001.

 Autovue - from Cimmetry Systems, Inc.

Download AutoVue from Cimmetry Systems

Hewlett-Packard Company reported financial results for its second fiscal quarter ended April 30, 2001. The company reported second quarter revenue of $11.6 billion, compared to $12.0 billion in last year's second quarter.

PROCAD GmbH & Co. KG announced that the fiscal year 2000/2001 closed with a growth of 10% in PROCAD's overall turnover, reaching the figure of 10 million Euro. By April 2001, PROCAD had installed a total of 20,000 seats of its PDM system PRO*FILE at about 560 customers.

Scan-Optics, Inc. announced unaudited financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2001. Total revenues were $10.9 million, compared to $11.1 million in the 2000 first quarter.

* Implementation *
Alventive, Inc. announced that Need2Buy, a provider of e-procurement solutions for the electronic components industry, has selected Alventive to provide collaborative design solutions to electronics manufacturers as an addition to the company's growing suite of online services. Need2Buy will offer two products, Alventive Quick Collaboration and Alventive Project Navigator, part of the Alventive Collaborative Design Solution Family, as hosted (ASP) solutions.

Autodesk Japan announced that Kajima Corporation (Minato-ku, Tokyo) entered into a contract with Autodesk to deploy 800 licenses of AutoCAD and 2,000 of AutoCAD LT company-wide in their construction and engineering divisions.

Documentum announced the deployment by SITA, the world's leading provider of integrated telecommunications and information solutions to the air transport industry, of their new business-to-business content management portal. The portal, named IDIS (Interactive Distributed Information and Support), enables suppliers to manage and distribute technical content for aircraft components online to the airlines, the MRO (Maintenance Repair and Overhaul) and air transport industry personnel around the world.

Mechanical Dynamics, Inc. announced that a major sports equipment manufacturer has placed an initial order worth $215,000 for the company's virtual prototyping solutions.

Moldflow Corporation announced that Ericsson has made a significant investment in the Moldflow Plastics Insight (MPI) suite of software. The order is valued at approximately $160,000. Moldflow also announced an order from 3M Malaysia for the MPI suite of software. The order is valued at approximately $125,000.

SDRC announced that BAE SYSTEMS Avionics, a defense electronics manufacturer, is migrating 4,400 users at its ten U.K. sites from Sherpa to SDRC's Metaphase Express Aerospace & Defense solution.

Selectica announced that Mannesmann Arcor has chosen software produced by Selectica for its ordering system. Selectica, a provider of knowledge-based e-business systems, is implementing a solution to deal with online orders quickly and easily.

Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. announced that it has received an initial order for Tecnomatix eMPower e-Manufacturing software from Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., a Shenzhen (China)-based telecommunication company.

Tecnomatix Technologies, Ltd. announced that the Ford Motor Company has placed an order for Tecnomatix eMPower Assembly solution.

UGS announced that Cunningham Motor Company is using UGS' collaborative product development software technology to enable the implementation of a 'virtual car company' business model and the development of the first true American Luxury GT car in nearly five decades.

UGS announced that Fiat Auto has signed a five-year agreement with UGS. The agreement includes 500 licenses of Unigraphics, UGS' integrated CAD/CAM/CAE application, 600 licenses of software from UGS' EAI division and 1,500 licenses of i-Man, UGS' Internet-centric product lifecycle management system.

3D Systems Corp. and Align Technology, Inc. announced they have signed a two-year contract for as many as 39 SLA 7000 systems, 3D Systems' top-of-the-line solid imaging machine.

* Developments *
Alias|Wavefront announced that it has added powerful modeling functionality to a new release of the StudioTools family which gives users greater design flexibility and helps them meet difficult modeling challenges. Chief among the new features in StudioTools 9.7 is an innovative filleting tool that speeds the process of connecting surfaces and rounding edges, thereby reducing the time required to build 3D models.

Ariba, Inc. and TIBCO Software Inc. announced the availability of the first TIB/NetworkConnector for the Ariba Commerce Services Network (Ariba CSN), which enables rapid integration between SAP systems and Ariba CSN.

Quickturn, a company of Cadence Design Systems, Inc., announced complete verification environments specifically designed for the verification of complex emerging applications in the consumer product marketplace. These tailored environments assist in the development and verification of set-top boxes, high-definition televisions, PC graphics, and the multimedia components of third-generation wireless products.

Digital Paper Corporation announced a new release of its docQuest solution to support Oracle.

Documentum announced the availability of Documentum Web Development Kit. The J2EE-compliant toolkit places a powerful tool for rapid application development and deployment in the hands of the developer community, and provides partners with the basis for quickly building new products and solutions on Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform.

Elysium Inc. announced it has rolled out a full line of CAD translator software for conversion between CATIA, I-DEAS, Pro/ENGINEER and SolidWorks.

gedas UK, IT systems integrator and subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, announced its integration of eMatrix and Solid Edge, referred to as eMatrix/Solid Edge Integration. gedas also offer integrations to eMatrix from Catia, Veribest and SAP.

Hummingbird Ltd. announced the availability of HostExplorer Deployment Wizard, a solution that allows enterprise flexibility through the deployment of Hummingbird's HostExplorer traditional desktop client in a thin client environment.

IDEAL Scanners & Systems, Inc. announced IntraNETIX Editor, a hybrid drawing editor and raster to vector converter for scanned color, monochrome, or grayscale images. IntraNETIX Editor is an add-on for IDEAL's IntraNETIX hosting software server.

Innoveda, Inc. announced DxDesigner, a new web-based solution. DxDesigner redefines front-end design engineering through a process of design definition that combines four key process technologies: component information systems; design entry and sharing; simulation and planning; and enterprise connectivity within a single comprehensive solution.

Integrated Development Enterprise announced the release of IDe 2001-2, the latest release of its development chain management (DCM) software for integrated product development.

Mechanical Dynamics, Inc. announced that it has extended the scope of its Functional Digital Car solution with the introduction of ADAMS/Driveline, a specialized simulation environment for predicting the operating performance of driveline systems before they are built in hardware.

 Web-based View-Markup from Spicer Corporation.

Web-based View-Markup from Spicer Corporation

Mentor Graphics Corp. announced FPGA Advantage 5.0, an enhanced version of the HDL flow that provides designers with an integrated solution and robust functionality for design entry, management, simulation and synthesis of FPGAs.

Spatial Corp. and PVM, a developer of Finite Element Analysis software, announced the release of ACIS-enabled Finite Element Visual Analysis (FEVA), a suite of general purpose, solid model-based finite element applications.

Staffware announced the launch of Staffware Process Monitor (SPM) for analyzing and optimizing business processes. Staffware Process Monitor was jointly developed by Staffware and IDS Scheer, based on the Process Performance Manager of IDS Scheer.

Stratasys announced FDM Titan. The system creates prototypes from polycarbonate material, which offers superior characteristics for functional testing. Stratasys also plans to offer two additional high-performance materials for the Titan in the near future: PPSF (polyphenylsulfone) and ABS plastic.

Engineering Data Management Newsletter

* Relationships *
Altris Software announced the expansion of its global partner base with the signing of three new partners: Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) Consulting in the USA, Key Systems in Greece and MCX in Poland.

eBT announced that Sierra Systems Group Inc., a business consulting and systems integration firm, has joined eBT's consulting alliance program.

EIGNER + PARTNER and Magna Steyr Engineering, an automotive supplier, announced they signed a cooperative agreement to address specific automotive industry requirements with axalant - automotive.

MatrixOne, Inc. and IntegWare, Inc. announced an agreement whereby IntegWare will provide system integration and application development services to MatrixOne customers.

MatrixOne, Inc. announced the availability of an enterprise application integration with MatrixOne's eMatrix 9 Intelligent Collaborative Commerce framework for users of Telelogic's DOORS. eMatrix integration for DOORS Version 1.0 provides requirements management capabilities to eMatrix for discrete manufacturing applications.

MatrixOne, Inc. announced that CAE Northwest, Inc. has been selected to be a reseller of MatrixOne's collaboration technology solutions to middle market companies in northwestern North America.

Mechanical Dynamics, Inc. announced it has signed an agreement with Group Lotus Plc to become the authorized sales agent for Lotus Engineering's proprietary simulation software. The software will provide additional capabilities for users of Mechanical Dynamics' Functional Digital Car solution.

Moldflow Corporation announced the creation of a research partnership with UK-based IRC in Polymer Science and Technology, University of Bradford for the pursuit of innovative techniques for gas assisted injection molding.

NexPrise Inc. and Perot Systems Corporation announced a strategic alliance whereby Perot Systems will offer NexPrise's e-business solutions as part of a complete collaborative commerce solution set for manufacturers.

PROCAD GmbH & Co. KG announced that its PDM System PRO*FILE is now available for the South East Asian market. The distributor is PBM Distribution Sdn. Bhd. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia).

Selectica announced it has signed a value-added reseller agreement with Sumitomo Corporation and its subsidiary, Sumisho Electronics Co. Ltd. to market its Internet Selling System software suite in Japan.

SGI and SANavigator, Inc. announced an alliance under which SANavigator storage area network (SAN) management software will be made available to SGI customers.

Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. announced that it has signed a reseller agreement with Schmidt Electronics Asia Ltd. Under terms of the agreement, Schmidt Electronics will resell Tecnomatix eMPower e-Manufacturing software for the electronics industry to customers in China and the Philippines.

* Other *
Autodesk, Inc. announced the forthcoming availability of three new programs that simplify the upgrade process and give customers added flexibility in deploying software. The new Autodesk Subscription Program, Autodesk Rental Products, and Autodesk Self-Hosted Products are all part of a broad company initiative to provide technology solutions in more flexible and cost effective ways.

Dassault Systemes announced the opening of the Digital Innovation Center for Aerospace Engineering (DICAE) within Seoul National University. DICAE will act as a center for accelerating innovation in aerospace. The Center will promote world class research in analysis and simulation while using CATIA Version 5 technology from Dassault Systemes and best practices developed by Dassault Aviation.

Digital Paper Corporation announced its membership and support of the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) Initiative, a cross-industry project designed to accelerate and broaden business-to-business (B2B) integration and commerce on the Internet.

Documentum announced that Documentum 4i eBusiness Platform won the 2001 Well-Connected Award in the Web Content Management Solution category from CMP Media LLC's Network Computing.

Mentor Graphics Corp. announced its strategy to provide the industry's first complete front-end solution for programmable logic design on the Linux platform.

SDRC announced it released the results of a recent survey of leading global manufacturers in which respondents ranked early understanding of customer requirements up-front in the design process as extremely important for success within a collaborative product development environment, listing it as an 8.68 on a scale of ten.

SolidWorks Corporation announced that Upside Magazine has named it one of the hottest 100 companies for 2001. Upside's editors and an advisory panel comprised of venture capitalists, financial analysts, and market researchers chose SolidWorks as an Upside Hot 100 company in its 'b-to-b' category. The panel chose the hottest 100 companies from a field of more than 800.

Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced that for the first time its consulting arm, Sun Professional Services, was recognized as the leading Unix platform integrator worldwide, according to industry research firm, International Data Corporation.

Synergis Technologies announced a six-city seminar tour (Columbia, MD; Portland, OR; Cleveland, OH; Houston, TX; Chicago, IL and Fort Wayne, IN) in which representatives will demonstrate the versatility, ease-of-use, and benefits of Synergis Adept, the fourth major release of the company's flagship document management software.

UGS announced that according to recent industry figures compiled by CIMdata, the vendor with the most rapidly growing CAM software revenue in 2000 was UGS. The company's CAM sales revenues increased 15.9 percent in 2000 following a 21 percent growth rate in 1999.

UGS announced that GM expects to double design productivity and increase product development workflow by 70% using a collaborative system built around UGS technology.

Verity, Inc., a provider of infrastructure software that powers enterprise and e-commerce portals, announced that it has opened regional offices in Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Singapore and Sweden.

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